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I’ve been back on Canadian soil for nearly a month. Can’t say it’s been easy but also can’t say it’s been hard either (bless Momma Moy’s home cooking). Part of me feels like I never left but then I walk around the streets of Toronto and nothing feels familiar, not even the snow! I haven’t seen snowfall in a couple of years (I’m not a fan of cold weather so I never missed it, tbh). It’s hard to explain the complexities of reverse culture shock but I won’t be focusing on that today because we’re talking about something SUPER EXCITING! VICTORIA FALLS! A NATURAL WONDER OF THE WORLD! If you haven’t read the first part of my Livingstone, Zambia trip, catch up plz. Victoria falls is the largest waterfall in the world. Not the tallest, nor the widest, but the largest. I don’t know the mathematics of it either but I do know that the width reaches nearly two kilometers spanning across Zambia and Zimbabwe and it’s hella beautiful. 3 things I learned on my …


K-pop is a way of life in South Korea. If you ask any middle school girl in this country who her favourite K-pop band is, it will be answered in shouts, tears, and you being forced to watch the idol’s latest music video. On Get Up and Go Girl I thought it would be fun to be a K-pop star for a day! I signed up for not only a dance class, but to also star in my very own dance video. Oh yes, I feel your eye-rolls from here, but my K-pop dreams have finally come true! Heh heh. I found the experience on Airbnb (surprisingly!), and even though dancing is not my strong suit, I knew I would have the best time. After all, it’s about the experience, not perfection (as my mother would say to make me feel better at how uncoordinated I am). Myself and six other ladies (plus our wonderful choreographer, Kim Nyan) danced to SUNMI’s “Heroine”. In the video below you’ll see our sweet little routine plus, I explain in …


Hello all! I hope the first month of 2018 has been treating you kindly and that you’re smashing all of your bad ass new years resolutions. If not, that’s ok, you’ve got a whole new month coming up to try again. RESILIENCE IS KEY! If one of your goals this year is to get more involved in the fashion and/or editorial world, you’ve likely played around with the idea of internships. Internships are a way to kick-start your career, build relationships, and gain experience working in the field you’re interested in. I created a video almost 5 years ago (yup.. 5.. years.. ago..) titled: My Fashion Magazine Internship Advice. I get questions in the comments section of this video all of the time and thought it was time for an update. If you want to watch baby Jessica, a recent graduate who went through a plethora of internships and had sweet side bangs, you can watch THAT video below. Now for the updated version. I created a video on Get Up & Go Girl (have you subscribed? You should …


Sexual assault must never be tolerated. Period. Any form of inappropriate touching without consent is not ok, even if it’s a person you know or consider a friend. Saying “no” doesn’t have to turn into a fight, it’s not a debate or up for discussion. No means no. Unfortunately, the word no is sometimes not taken seriously and because of this I (and millions of other men/women) have been grabbed, groped, pushed, forced, pressured, hurt.. the list goes on. The way I dealt with sexual assault was I suppressed. If I didn’t talk about it, it never happened. But it did. It has happened to me and it wasn’t until my most recent encounter that I went over the edge. Enough is enough. I came home from work, pressed record, and made the below video. Nervous to hit the publish button, I didn’t know how it would be received. Will I be judged? Not understood? Am I revealing too much information? Then I thought of the millions of men and women who are also victims of sexual assault and …


My stay on Magnetic Island was definitely a high-energy adventure but as a city girl (always have been, always will be), I missed the vibe of bright lights and bustling streets. For my final couple days in Australia, I ventured to the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities: SYDNEY! I regrettably stayed at a hostel called Kings Cross Backpackers. I should have done my research before booking, rookie mistake. I was unaware that I was staying in the heart of the red light district. Oy vey. Honestly, it wasn’t the WORST hostel in the world but there were, at times, young 20-somethings recklessly running around the hallways with bottles of vodka in hand, shouting gibberish at the tops of their lungs. I definitely should have spent the extra money on a hotel or Airbnb. Awell, you live and you learn. On my first morning in the city I woke up extra early, mostly because I wanted to spend as little time at the hostel as possible. First order of business was to …


Hello all! I’ve been M.I.A for nearly a month. Perhaps it’s because the summer season arrived and my body was like, “get outside and give the internet a rest for a bit.” Whether the humidity has gotten to me or not, I haven’t been feeling motivated, and understanding how I felt and what I could do to help myself was (and still is) a rocky road. So, I unplugged. Looking back, I think that was the right thing to do. Sometimes we need time to nurture our bodies and take care of our souls, and we can’t authentically do that with an audience watching. When I knew the funk was lingering a little too long, I forced myself to grab my camera and express how I was feeling though my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl. It’s a different style than what I usually do but I hope you like it.


Korean women are notorious for having perfectly radiant skin. Are they hiding a cupboard full of holy grail beauty products? Good genes? Vitamins? Diet? As a skincare fanatic I needed to know how to achieve their level of luminosity. If you have dry skin, like myself, you know how hard it is to make your skin shine bright like a diamond (in the words of Bad Gal RiRi). In my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl I think I’ve nailed the solution for supple, envy-inducing skin. If you’ve never heard of Neogen, they’re a Korean skincare company making waves in the beauty industry and their latest launch, Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack Kit ($48) is the glimmering golden ticket for the natural glow-from-within. Want to know the power of this essence? Benefits of gold flakes (so bougie)? How to properly apply the product? Check it all out in the video below!


I let someone tattoo my face. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Having your eyebrows microbladed (semi-permanent tattoo) is a SUPER popular procedure in South Korea. Some of us (like myself) are not blessed with beautiful, symmetrical brows. Mine are naturally thin and sparse and I’ve always been a little self-conscious about them. Waking up with brows already on fleek, as the kids would say, is a total game-changer. I don’t have to spend 10 minutes in the morning trying to match my left brow to the right, which was honestly a daily struggle. In my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl, I show you the ENTIRE process. From the consultation, the procedure, all the way to a one month update. This post was created for EPIK e-Press.


It’s time for some real talk. Birth control is a personal subject but as women, we need to support, educate, and have conversations about our options. In my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl, I open up to you about my experience of getting an IUD (intrauterine device). Never heard about this alien contraption before? Don’t worry, a lot of women haven’t. Heck, I only discovered it a couple of years ago through a friend and was shocked when I found out almost 160 million women around the world use it. If you have any questions, talk with your doctor or gynecologist because they’re the experts! I’m just the girl who has been through it, and wanted to share with you my experience.


You know the colour of your lips after you finished eating a cherry red popsicle? The stain is not perfect, it’s faded on the outside and it’s even a little patchy, but you’re kinda into it. If you ever wanted that wash of red to stay, you’re in luck with A’PIEU’s Harutatoo peel-off lip tint in RD01. Watch as I peel-off my lips and experiment with this k-beauty innovation in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl.


My hair is officially purple. It was a spontaneous decision that happened last week when my cousin Melissa asked, “can I dye your hair a funky colour?” No convincing was needed. #yolo See my hair and all its glory in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl where I round up my beauty (skincare, skincare, skincare), fashion, travel, music, and movie favs from the month of January.


I love watching chatty get ready with me videos on YouTube. I’ve been discovering a new one each morning as I get begin to get ready myself because it’s like the we’re getting dolled up together! Does that make me a sad, lonely person? Probably. I’m not ashamed. Recently, I tried out The Face Shop’s Disney Collection and picked up the Mono Pop Eyes in Lovely Pooh and CC Cooling Cushion in Natural Beige. The finish? Amazing. Packaging? Nailed it. Winnie the Pooh? Adorable. I decided to do a chatty get ready with me video for my Get Up & Go Girl channel and yapped away as I did my makeup. I talked about The Face Shop’s newest product launch, what I’m doing for my birthday (!!), and as the title suggests, yes.. I got ready for a date. You can get all the hot gossip in the video below. While you’re here, check out my latest vlog! I hang out at a Line Friend’s store in Itaewon. TBH I had no idea who these characters were but, I stopped …