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“Pull you lid all the way back!”

“Just drop it in!”

“Look at your eye, the contact is folding over because you’re squinting!”

These were common phrases heard by my poor optometrist as she patiently waited until I put Alcon’s Air Optix Colors onto my retinas. Before last week I have never put contacts in my eyes and boy, was it a mission. After about my 150th attempt and 45 minutes grueling minutes later, I finally got them in. I jokingly told her they’re never coming out – she looked at me and said I needed to learn how to properly remove them too or else I wasn’t allowed to leave. Geez, tough crowd.

The time and effort it took to put Alcon’s Optix Colors into place was actually SO worth it in the end. I have brown eyes naturally so when choosing my shades, I went for ones that were a lot different from mine – “Gray” and “Blue” to be exact. The “Gray” was my favourite because it enhanced my hair and skintone while creating a softer look to the rest of my facial features.

When I looked into a mirror the first time with gray eyes, I was shocked at how natural they looked. Gray! Who knew? The colour didn’t seem too animated and it was the perfect mix of vibrant and subtle shading. You wouldn’t know I was wearing coloured contacts unless I told you. As far as anyone knows, they’re my natural eye colour until further notice.

Taking a closer at the contacts themselves, they weren’t one solid colour. Alcon’s 3-in-1 technology blends 3 shades which simultaneously work together to add additional depth and vibrancy. The colours on the contacts also have a dotted design, allowing my own eye colour to seep through for a naturally beautiful look.

Once I had the contacts on, they felt a little weird at first. I would compare it to putting mascara on for the first time. You notice it’s there for the first five minutes then after awhile you forgot anything is there at all.

Alcon’s Air Optix colored contacts never irritated my eyes or got in the way when I cooked, did my makeup, read or walked outside. My eyes could still breathe, and by the end of the day they felt as if they were part of me (which I wish was true so I wouldn’t go through the hassle of taking them out).

The contacts themselves were $30 each and my optometrist said I am able to wear them every day for an entire month!

If you’re like me and never worn contacts before, I’ll admit it’s a little tough to get in your eyes at first but trust me, if I can do it – anyone can. In a matter of seconds (if you can do it fast), the contacts give you an entirely different look! Not to mention they’re super comfortable for everyday wear, and no one but you needs to know they’re not your real shade.

My latest post for Beauty Echoes Magazine

* This post is sponsored by Alcon #AirOptixColors. From time to time, Beauty Echoes Magazine does accept compensation and/or press samples from companies, but such transaction does not control or influence our personal opinions of the product, nor does it affect our judgment to write about the product/service in a negative or positive light. All opinions are solely based on our own experience and we will only choose to accept sponsored posts by companies and products that we truly love. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. With that being said, we have received compensation from Alcon to test and review their contact lens and are more than happy to share our honest review.

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