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Went to Value Village. Wore a mask. Saw pretty things, bought them. Went home in the pouring rain. Washed my hands and the clothes. Turned on camera. Purposely ripped holes in a pair of jeans that were originally $238 but got for $14.99. Uploaded creation to YouTube. Enjoy.


I recently won a contest on Instagram from Princess Polly and was given $100 to spend on anything on their site. My fourth contest win of the year, ayy! I’ve been wearing sweatpants.. or no pants.. for the past few months (thank you social isolation) and was excited to have stylish clothes I can wear for when I become social again. Princess Polly is an Australian online fashion boutique who sell trendy dresses, pants, accessories, etc. If you see Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner wearing it, you can probably find it on their site. Check out my haul and try-on video below to see what I nabbed up and how I style each piece.


Last year I was rushing through Busan Station to catch the KTX train to Seoul. It was early morning on a Saturday and I was on my way to the platform when suddenly, a young Korean lady tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and she kindly blurted, “I’m sorry to bother you but, what is your name?” “Jessica!” I responded with a smile, “what’s yours?” “I’m Rachel” she said shyly. “Umm, I’m a fashion designer, and I know you’re in a rush but I would love for you to model my clothes.” I was in shock, mostly because her English was flawless and that was something I wasn’t normally used to hearing. She mentioned she grew up in Busan, learned English in school, and now studies fashion design in France! I told her that I was actually on my way to Seoul Fashion Week and would love to work with her once I’m back. We exchanged Kakao info before splitting ways. A couple weeks later, Rachel set up a photoshoot at a classy French restaurant in …


Hello all! I hope the first month of 2018 has been treating you kindly and that you’re smashing all of your bad ass new years resolutions. If not, that’s ok, you’ve got a whole new month coming up to try again. RESILIENCE IS KEY! If one of your goals this year is to get more involved in the fashion and/or editorial world, you’ve likely played around with the idea of internships. Internships are a way to kick-start your career, build relationships, and gain experience working in the field you’re interested in. I created a video almost 5 years ago (yup.. 5.. years.. ago..) titled: My Fashion Magazine Internship Advice. I get questions in the comments section of this video all of the time and thought it was time for an update. If you want to watch baby Jessica, a recent graduate who went through a plethora of internships and had sweet side bangs, you can watch THAT video below. Now for the updated version. I created a video on Get Up & Go Girl (have you subscribed? You should …


My hair is officially purple. It was a spontaneous decision that happened last week when my cousin Melissa asked, “can I dye your hair a funky colour?” No convincing was needed. #yolo See my hair and all its glory in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl where I round up my beauty (skincare, skincare, skincare), fashion, travel, music, and movie favs from the month of January.


I get asked a lot about EPIK teacher dress code, and the first thing I can tell you is that it’s pretty casual. Business casual, I should say. If you’re planning on teaching in South Korea I have chosen 5 key pieces for both men and women to help inspire your next #OOTD for the classroom. Let’s get started! WOMEN 1. Back to basic A basic tee is a must since bare shoulders and cleavage are a no-no. Tuck the tee into dress pants, skirts, or if you have a teacher dinner after school, simply throw on a statement necklace for added dazzle. Crewneck Tee, $25, Gap. 2. Bundle for warmth Most Korean schools have heating for chilly winter days but some, do not. Sometimes it’s colder in the classroom than it is outside (!!). Keep a blanket scarf over your chair at all times because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. Textured Scarf, ₩49,000, Mango. 3. Culottes are the coolest During warm summer months, skirts and shorts must be an appropriate length (around your knee). If you’re moving around the classroom all day, I find culottes are the comfortable option. …


Last week, Dongdaemun Design Plaza was the epicentre of Seoul fashion and showcased the upcoming trends for the Spring 2017 season. Outside the spaceship-looking landmark, however, was where the real show was happening. The street style in Seoul was a sartorial circus where the kitschy, 90’s grunge and pantsuit-polished style-setters congregated to display a spectacle of their own. Berets with ring and chain attachments, mismatched shoes and tinted sunglasses were prominent, as well as Korean kiddies who stole our hearts with an eclectic style all their own. See 29 of the best street style looks outside Hera Seoul Fashion Week on FASHION Magazine. While you’re here, watch my SFW vlog! I may or may not hug a shirtless male model..


This season, I had the pleasure of attending Hera Seoul Fashion Week to watch Spring/Summer 2017 collections stomp down the runways at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). I signed up for a press pass a month before, which gave me access to all of the stylish shows. If you’re an EPIK teacher who has a trendy blog or have a kick-ass photography portfolio, you can email the designers individually to potentially receive ticket to their show too! After attending the fashionable affair, here are 5 things I learned: 1. Always be photo ready Outside of DDP are hoards of street style photographers ready to snap a photo of your #OOTD. If you’re anywhere near fashion week, be sure to give ’em your good side and channel your inner Zoolander, blue steel pose. 2. Elbow your way to the front If you have a unassigned seat to a show, it means you’re four or five rows back. Wait until the last couple minutes before the show starts to hear the volunteers say you can move forward. Front row seats will be reserved for magazine editors …


My brother and I created a fashion lookbook together on my Get Up & Go Girl channel titled: 3 SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS! He edited the video and added original music (what a talented guy right..). I absolutely loved how it turned out. Let me know what you think. 🙂 Product descriptions below!   Outfit #1: Top: Uniqlo Shorts: Gap Shoes: Nike Sunglasses: Street vendor in Seoul Bracelet: Chinese jade bracelet, a gift from my aunt Outfit #2 Shirt: Thrift Skirt: Thrift Shoes: Gap Hair tie: Sephora Necklace: A gift from my cousin Earrings: Red Eye Pretzel heart ring: Street vendor in Austria Diamond ring: Swarovski Outfit #3 Shirt: Thrift Jeans: Zara Belt: Ann Taylor Sandals: Francesca’s


I can officially tick off that I have attended fashion shows on an international stage. Where you ask? Seoul, South Korea for HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK! AHH! Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where SFW took place, is one of the coolest buildings in Seoul. It has a modern, architectural design and is absolutely massive on the inside. You can see just how big it is from the photo above, I look so little in comparison. I went on behalf of FASHION Magazine and was floored at the incredible talent from the designers, makeup artists, hair stylists.. and the fact that I got to sit front row (name on seat and all) at one of the shows. This may not be a big deal to many but, seeing my name on a front row seat gave me a sense of, I made it. You best believe I kept that little piece of paper, as it will remind me of the first of many shows around the world I hope to attend in the future. 😉 There were crowds of stylish people surrounding the area, some waiting …


Thrift shopping is not for the faint of heart. If you can handle finding mothballs in a trench coat, immune to musty stenches, and find amusement in discovering denim with bus transfers from 1995 in the pocket, you are well on your way! A thrift shopping veteran will know exactly where to look when searching for trendy pieces in a large pile of clothing. It’s a talent, I swear. If you don’t know where to begin (rookie status), I’ve created five tips that will hopefully make you feel less overwhelmed, help curate which pieces to splurge on and which to leave behind and give you an idea on how to put an outfit together that looks like you spent way more than you actually did. Don’t worry, it will be our little secret. Location, location, location Where you shop, matters! Those who donate their clothing will drop it off at their nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army. If you want to find brand name items like Chanel, Marc Jacobs or Burberry, go to the ritzy part …


Look in your closet. How many pieces from your wardrobe could you confidently say, “this is made in Canada!” If you’re the average male or female living in a fast-fashion retail world,  you’re probably asking if the knit sweater your grandma made you years ago counts. As Canadians, we could do better when it comes to buying locally. Not only do we support the economy when purchasing “Made In Canada” merch, but we’re also supporting talented designers who live right here in our country/city/the neighbour you never see because they’re too busy building their fashion empire. Fashion entrepreneur, Sarah Power, has figured out a way to provide more opportunities for these Canadian designers to take their collections to the market. Cue: INLAND. INLAND is a platform for Canada’s contemporary and up-and-coming fashion designers to connect directly with shoppers and retail buyers. The two-day event on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 & 27, encourages consumers to not only shop Canadian, but discover emerging talents and meet the designers behind the collections. If you’re attending the event and wondering what you can purchase, I’ve rounded up some …