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You finally did it. You have snail mailed your resume, references, lesson plan, passport pictures and all the rest of your paperwork in a pretty package and sent it to EPIK. Now, you wait. The waiting game is tough because for the next two weeks you’ll be constantly refreshing your email, waiting for someone to confirm your interview date and time. Cue: ALL THE SWEATS!

If you applied for a position with EPIK, your interview will come soon enough and I’m here to tell you what to expect and my own experience of going through the process.


How do I get an interview?

Apply for a position with EPIK! Think about when you want to start working in South Korea. The first semester starts in March and second in September. I’d recommend starting your application process 3-6 months in advance of when you want to go. I had massive help from my recruiters at Hands Korea. I got in touch with them through Oxford Seminars, where I completed my TESOL certificate. Hands Korea was my LIFELINE. They set up my EPIK interview, gave me tips and were super helpful for any questions I had (their response time was within 24 hours!). I had my interview in October and I knew I got a job with EPIK the next day.

How is the interview conducted?

On Skype! Create a Skype account ASAP because EPIK will ask for your username. Sign on 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time and be well prepared for when your interviewer signs on. Be aware of your surroundings. Have the interview in the cleanest room in your house with optimal lighting and make sure nothing you don’t want your own mother seeing in the background. Wear headphones, check your sound quality and DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE! Unless you want to make your interviewer sea sick.

What do I wear?

Be professional. Put on a nice dress shirt, brush your hair and just because the interview will be on Skype, please still wear pants.

Who will interview me?

The interviewer from EPIK who interviewed me was kind and easy to talk to. EPIK interviewers speak English well and are not intimidating monsters.. in case you were wondering, because I know that was something I was worried about. They are excited to talk and get to know you! Take a deep breath, smile a lot and be yourself because that’s what they want to see most.

When do we talk about documents?

There’s a likely chance the topic of your lesson plan will be brought up. Have it in front of you, ready to go. Actually, have ALL your documents in front of  you. The interviewer will go through your application and perhaps ask questions about what you wrote down. Before your interview begins, read through your application and lesson plan a few times so you know where to find specific information.

What can I ask about during the interview?

You have a billion questions about teaching in South Korea and the interviewer understands that but do your research before you ask your questions. There are many current and past EPIK teachers who have blogs and vlogs on YouTube that likely touch upon the question you have. I would recommend saving the tough questions you can’t find the answer to for the interviewer. I’d also recommend writing down those questions you have before the interview begins so you remember to ask.

How long is the interview?

Expect anywhere from 25-35 minutes.

I hope the above has helped in preparation of your EPIK interview. Don’t break a sweat, you’re going to do great. GO GET ‘EM KID!

To see the original article, click here: EPIK e-Press


  1. marina K says

    excuse me…but the most important information is not discussed and left.
    what is the salary? starting? bonus? salary increase during job duration?

    • You can discuss that with your interviewer or like I said, a little Google search will get ya to that exact information. 😉 Salary depends on your experience and education.

  2. marina K says

    there must be an absolute minimum starting salary.?

    all this talk and the most important piece of info for any job should be discussed or explained.

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