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This season, I had the pleasure of attending Hera Seoul Fashion Week to watch Spring/Summer 2017 collections stomp down the runways at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). I signed up for a press pass a month before, which gave me access to all of the stylish shows. If you’re an EPIK teacher who has a trendy blog or have a kick-ass photography portfolio, you can email the designers individually to potentially receive ticket to their show too!


After attending the fashionable affair, here are 5 things I learned:

1. Always be photo ready

Outside of DDP are hoards of street style photographers ready to snap a photo of your #OOTD. If you’re anywhere near fashion week, be sure to give ’em your good side and channel your inner Zoolander, blue steel pose.

2. Elbow your way to the front

If you have a unassigned seat to a show, it means you’re four or five rows back. Wait until the last couple minutes before the show starts to hear the volunteers say you can move forward. Front row seats will be reserved for magazine editors or Korean superstars but if they don’t show up, it’s a race to get to those hot seats. I was lucky to score prime seating at J.Apostrophe.


3. Know Korean pop-culture

There were a plethora of A-list Korean actresses, boy bands, and social influencers who attended fashion week. They stood out as they were hounded by photographers and screaming teenage girls. Brush up on your Korean pop-culture because you’ll never know who you’ll run into. At the Ordinary People show, I sat across from K-pop boy band sensation B2B!

4. Don’t hug shirtless models

I went backstage before the A.AV show and was talking to one of the male models, who also happened to not have a shirt on. When he had to leave he bowed (a very Korean thing to do) and I thought he was going in for a hug so I awkwardly put my arms around him (a very Jessica thing to do). We laughed, but I don’t think I’ve been more embarrassed.

5. Social media is your BFF

Social media goes hand-in-hand with fashion. When the show is about to start, everyone will have their phones clenched in their hands, ready to take the perfect snap. Be sure to post a ton on Instagram or Twitter and tag the designers, @SeoulFashionWeek, and use hashtags such as #SFW or #HeraSeoulFashionWeek to share your pics and grow your Klout score.

This post was created for EPIK e-Press.

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