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Last year I was rushing through Busan Station to catch the KTX train to Seoul. It was early morning on a Saturday and I was on my way to the platform when suddenly, a young Korean lady tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and she kindly blurted, “I’m sorry to bother you but, what is your name?”

“Jessica!” I responded with a smile, “what’s yours?”

“I’m Rachel” she said shyly. “Umm, I’m a fashion designer, and I know you’re in a rush but I would love for you to model my clothes.” I was in shock, mostly because her English was flawless and that was something I wasn’t normally used to hearing. She mentioned she grew up in Busan, learned English in school, and now studies fashion design in France! I told her that I was actually on my way to Seoul Fashion Week and would love to work with her once I’m back. We exchanged Kakao info before splitting ways.

A couple weeks later, Rachel set up a photoshoot at a classy French restaurant in Haeundae. She dressed Emma, the other model, and I up in her designs and wanted the focus to be on the pants.

Cue: The photo shoot


Designer: Iseul
Photographer: 지금 이 순간
Editor: Lucas Lehmann


Fast forward a few months when I was back at Busan Station, ready to take the KTX to Seoul. I was going back home to Canada and documented my solemn departure on my Instagram stories. She saw my story and DM’d me saying she didn’t know I was leaving forever and wanted to say goodbye. I told her my train leaves in 20 minutes but if she makes it to my platform I’d love to see her.

Rachel found me just in time. She ran, with multiple bags on her because she was in the middle of running errands, and opened her arms for a hug. I was so sad that day and to have someone, who I only hung out with that one day, want to hug me goodbye made leaving a little more tolerable.

As cheesy as it sounds, I’ll never forget that wonderful moment and I’m happy to have worked with such a beautiful soul.


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