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I can officially tick off that I have attended fashion shows on an international stage. Where you ask? Seoul, South Korea for HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK! AHH!


Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where SFW took place, is one of the coolest buildings in Seoul. It has a modern, architectural design and is absolutely massive on the inside. You can see just how big it is from the photo above, I look so little in comparison.

I went on behalf of FASHION Magazine and was floored at the incredible talent from the designers, makeup artists, hair stylists.. and the fact that I got to sit front row (name on seat and all) at one of the shows. This may not be a big deal to many but, seeing my name on a front row seat gave me a sense of, I made it. You best believe I kept that little piece of paper, as it will remind me of the first of many shows around the world I hope to attend in the future. 😉


There were crowds of stylish people surrounding the area, some waiting for photographers to take a picture of them, most standing in anticipation to meet their favourite Korean actor/actress/pop group who just attended a show. I wish I knew more about Korean pop culture since there were so many celebrities inside the shows whose faces were hounded by cameras and lights.

Right outside the plaza, there was a display with the newest Hera x Nicholas Kirkwood collaboration which featured stunning palettes and lip shade for spring. They slaaaaaayed with the packaging. To be honest, if packaging isn’t Instagram worthy, is it even worth it? Answer: Nope.


The shows I attended included R.Shemiste, Doii, Yohanix, Kwak Hyun Joo Collection and Andy & Debb. Since these were Fall 2016 shows.. dark, edgier pieces were prominent on the catwalks including trends such as extra long sleeves on sweaters, layers of leather and fur and chocker collars. When it comes to beauty, you can read my article on FASHION about the ONE trend I saw all over the runways. Go reaaaaaaaad it.


The day after SFW I went to Bukchon Hanok Village, home to hundreds of traditional houses called hanok that date back to the Joseon Dynasty (anywhere between the years 1392-1897). It was cool to see the old village and look straight ahead to see the modern architecture of the Seoul skyline. The hanok’s are now restaurants and shops for tourists. I recommend going in and out of as many as you can, they are quite wonderful.

This week was a busy one. Aside from fashion week, I made kimchi, went shopping and may or may not have a mini breakdown. All can be seen in my newest vlog below.

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