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Instagram is how I draw inspiration from every aspect of my life.

What should I eat? Open Insta.
What should I wear? Open Insta.
How should I do my makeup tonight? Open Insta.
How should I decorate this room? Open Insta.
I had a bad day and need to escape. Open Insta.

I wanted to break down my favourite Instagram accounts because I spend enough time on the damn app to know what I love, and maybe you’ll like them too? Sharing is caring.

Here we go!


Laura makes bad ass art and I’m a huge fan of everything she creates.



Some more art inspo because, I’m obsessed. Artists from around the world can sell their work though Society6 and there are a ton of art and home products (pillows, rugs, shower curtains, etc) that will soon fill my future condo.



Social commentary at its best.



One of my fav makeup artists. He’s so talented and his creations are usually glowy, natural, and goddamn flawless. He’s also just a cool guy too. Be my friend plz, Pat?



I think the theme here is that I like following artsy-fartsy accounts, and I NEED to share this one with you. These posts feature street art from around the world and I find myself constantly stopping to stare at every single upload. IZZ JUSS SEWW GUUUD!



I don’t shop at UB often, if ever, but their Insta account is top-notch. I’m also a big fan of @urbanoutfittershome for small space home decor ideas.



If you ever feel heartbroken or in a funky mood, Mari’s posts usually cheer me up with insightful illustrations that are so #relatable.



Who doesn’t like to look at sexy photos sometimes?



I love Refinery29, and I used to read it every morning before I started my morning classes in Korea. Their posts are usually women empowerment fuelled and of course, I’m here for that.



Everything Jeanine posts always looks delicious, healthy, and AESTHETIC GOALS TO THE MAX! Veggie friends, you’ll LOVE this foodie account too.


Oh hey, are you following me on IG? You should by clicking HERE! While you’re in a following mood, you should also check out Get Up & Go Girl. Ok great, that’s enough self-promo. What are some of your fav Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments below!

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