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I get asked a lot about EPIK teacher dress code, and the first thing I can tell you is that it’s pretty casual. Business casual, I should say. If you’re planning on teaching in South Korea I have chosen 5 key pieces for both men and women to help inspire your next #OOTD for the classroom.

Let’s get started!


1. Back to basic

A basic tee is a must since bare shoulders and cleavage are a no-no. Tuck the tee into dress pants, skirts, or if you have a teacher dinner after school, simply throw on a statement necklace for added dazzle. Crewneck Tee, $25, Gap.

2. Bundle for warmth

Most Korean schools have heating for chilly winter days but some, do not. Sometimes it’s colder in the classroom than it is outside (!!). Keep a blanket scarf over your chair at all times because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. Textured Scarf, ₩49,000, Mango.

3. Culottes are the coolest

During warm summer months, skirts and shorts must be an appropriate length (around your knee). If you’re moving around the classroom all day, I find culottes are the comfortable option. They’re breezy, you don’t have to worry about showing too much, and TBH it feels like you’re wearing sweatpants. Pinstripe Trousers, ₩59,000, Zara.

4. No bare shoulders, no problem

If you have a cute tank top or sleeveless dress you want to wear in the spring, a neutral shaded cardigan layered overtop is your stylish solution. Cardigan, ₩22,000, H&M.

5. Sleek slip-ons

You must wear indoor shoes at all Korean schools, preferably a pair with no backing (exposed heel). Go for a basic shade of black or grey since it will go with any outfit and triple check that they’re comfortable since you’ll be wearing them every single day. Vellashoes, ₩22,000, Gmarket.


1. Fancy and functional 

From my understanding, men are not allowed to wear shorts to school. For the summer months, you’ll want add breathable trousers to your wardrobe. Dry Stretch Pants, ₩49,900, Uniqlo.

2. The staple shirt

Button-down collared shirts are a teacher must-have. Wear on its own or underneath sweaters for a preppy fake-it-till-you-make-it type look. Linen Blend Shirt, $35, H&M.

3. Athletic slip-ons

The shoes you wear inside the school don’t have to be fancy. Athletic slip-ons are perfectly acceptable. You can find cheap slip-ons anywhere in SoKo but if you have bigger feet, I’d purchase a pair before you come here since larger shoe sizes are hard to find. Duramo Slide, ₩25,000, adidas.

4. You’re not Justin Bieber, belt your pants

Enough said. Italian Leather Belt, ₩39,900, Uniqlo.

5. It’s like wearing a warm hug

Your classroom is likely to be chilly during the winer months so you’ll need a little somethin’ to keep you toasty while teaching. Cardigan, $49, H&M.

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