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If you didn’t know my goals from this summer, you can catch yourself up HERE!

Two words: NAILED IT!

Ok, there were a couple revisions throughout the summer goals process but, I will explain it all below. Let’s just be happy that they’re all crossed off. WOO!



1. Launch Get Up & Go Girl channel

What? You haven’t subscribed? You can do that now by clicking HERE! If you have subscribed, I will now give you eternal friendship! In all seriousness, I launched Get Up & Go Girl because a fire of creativity suddenly lit inside and told me, do it. I want this channel to evolve and be an outlet for anyone to come for inspiration, a laugh, or to ask questions/start a conversation. I called it Get Up & Go Girl because I do want to focus on girl/women empowerment (but I’m inclusive so obviously anyone can be part of the community). 🙂 Working at an all girls’ school has showed me the importance of girls knowing that there is no limit of what they can  do. If my students want to work in the tech industry, start their own business, or travel the world I want to let them know that when the time comes, GET UP AND DO IT! No one should ever stop you or get in the way of what will make you happy. Not a family member, a boyfriend, a boss. No one. Right now my videos focus on fashion/beauty/eating weird snacks because those videos are fun to make and I genuinely enjoy filming them but I do want Get Up & Go Girl to evolve into something much more. It’s all exciting, and I hope you’ll be around for the adventure.


2. Book trip to Australia

Australia is not until next summer! Instead I booked my trip to Bali and it was ah-mazing. Next stop Philippines? Thailand?

3. Take taekwondo classes

HA! I lost interest in taekwondo like, the next day. Instead I sweated like a pig at zumba classes, got bruised at a volleyball game, and attended a bootcamp class. So, you can’t say I don’t try new things. As a result, COUNTING IT!

4. Go to Samgwangsa Temple for Lantern Festival (aka Buddha’s birthday)

You can read all about that adventure HERE.

5. Dye hair blonde

We all know this was a recent venture but, in case you missed it.

6. Attend a Lotte Giants baseball game

I attended a couple Giants games! The team is no good but the games are fun. It’s literally a GIANT party (heh heh, ’cause the team name.. get it) with a bit of baseball on the side.

7. Attend a Kpop concert

I saw PSY live. Soooooo.

8. Attend Boryeong Mud Festival

Ah yes, how can we forget?

9. Attend Busan Sea Festival

‘Twas a great day of eating ALL of the food and raving on Gwangalli beach.

10. Learn Korean alphabet

It’s a lot simpler than it looks. Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes with Ryan Estrada. Honestly, this works.


Goodbye summer! You were an adventure, as always. Can’t wait to brainstorm and execute next year’s goals. I should really step up my game, I think I made it too easy this year. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to them! Leave it in the comments below! 🙂




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