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My annual summer goals list is here and I am so excited I could pee my pants.

Funny side note: When I visited my friend Dev the other weekend in Seoul we were walking back from dinner and I suddenly had to pee (blame it on the margaritas!). We were in the elevator of his apartment and he was making me laugh.. not a small giggle either, the on-the-ground-can’t-breathe-eyes-watering-probably-going-to-pass-out type. I made him turn around and put his nose to the corner so he wouldn’t look at me squirm but I could still see him chuckling to himself. I started laughing harder. When the elevator opened I ran to his door and bolted to the washroom. He then YELLED at me for running into his house with my shoes on, which made me laugh even more. Before I knew it, I felt a warm flow go down my legs. Yup. I peed my pants. While crouching in front of his toilet. Laughing. Shoes, still on. #bless


Anyway, back to the reason for this blog post, I have compiled my list of summer goals for 2017. YAY! You can read about what I accomplished last year by clicking HERE!


1. Visit Namhae Island and go to the German Village.
2. Attend Ultra in Seoul.
3. Witness the Firework Festival in Pohang.
4. Travel to New Zealand and Australia.
5. Register for the Chunchon 10k marathon.
6. Spend an entire day bike riding.
7. Book trip to Cambodia for birthday in October.
8. Read a new book each month.
9. Grow Get Up & Go Girl to 500 subscribers on YouTube.
10. Be able to do the splits.


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