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If you didn’t know my goals from this summer, you can catch yourself up HERE! Two words: NAILED IT! Ok, there were a couple revisions throughout the summer goals process but, I will explain it all below. Let’s just be happy that they’re all crossed off. WOO! JESSICA’S SUMMER GOALS 2016! 1. Launch Get Up & Go Girl channel What? You haven’t subscribed? You can do that now by clicking HERE! If you have subscribed, I will now give you eternal friendship! In all seriousness, I launched Get Up & Go Girl because a fire of creativity suddenly lit inside and told me, do it. I want this channel to evolve and be an outlet for anyone to come for inspiration, a laugh, or to ask questions/start a conversation. I called it Get Up & Go Girl because I do want to focus on girl/women empowerment (but I’m inclusive so obviously anyone can be part of the community). 🙂 Working at an all girls’ school has showed me the importance of girls knowing that there is no limit of …


I would have totally forgotten to make a summer goals list this year if I wasn’t just browsing through old blog posts of mine. I was reading posts from 2012 when I stumbled upon my first list of summer goals.. there were 25 of them, geezus. Click HERE to browse through how I did in 2015. This year, I wrote my summer goals as I rode the subway to Seomyeon, which is about a 15 minute ride from the station near my house. Some of my goals will shock you, some will not. Either way, SUMMER IS COMING AND I HAVE THINGS TO DO! JESSICA’S SUMMER GOALS 2016! Launch Get Up & Go Girl channel Book trip to Australia Take taekwondo classes Go to Samgwangsa Temple for Lantern Festival (aka Buddha’s birthday) Dye hair blonde Attend a Lotte Giants baseball game Attend a Kpop concert Attend Boryeong Mud Festival Attend Busan Sea Festival Learn Korean alphabet