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It’s time for another weekly update! For you, and my mom. Hi mom.

Near my house is a hidden little treasure, the Bosu-Dong Book Street. Walking down this narrow pathway is every book lovers dream, and it actually has an interesting history too! It was created after the independence of Korea. The Japanese left behind many books so, people started selling them. Busan at the time was the capital of Korea since Koreans migrated down here to escape the Korean War happening in the north (where Seoul is located). This is where refugees brought and sold their books.


Eventually, professors and students came to the alley and started purchasing books, contributing to the build up of the current book street. Financial strain in the 60’s had students selling their textbooks and buying second hand, which is why you will see many used books.


There were a few English books scattered around the street, I was most attracted to the magazine stands. I purchased Nylon Magazine Seoul, and got a free lipstick with purchase! Not too shabby.


It was mid-terms this week so as the students stressed out over taking their tests, us English teachers went out for a day trip to Gwangalli Beach. Fair trade. Gwangalli is where you will find ALL THE FOREIGNERS. This beach also has the cleanest water, or so I’m told.

We also climbed Hwangnyeongsan Mountain. Yes, I did it in a dress..

My co-teacher told me that the fire chimneys built at the top of the mountain was a form of communication for the military in 1422. It communicated with other mountains in the area to signal attackers coming by boat since there is a clear view of the ocean.


It’s Buddha’s birthday this month so ALL temples celebrate by decorating the surrounding area with pretty lanterns. I went on a three hour hike, and found this temple during my trek.


After the hike I needed to refuel and luckily for me, I found a juice spot right beside my house called, My Barn. The man behind the counter didn’t speak much English so he gave me what was the most popular – spinach, apple, and banana. He served it for me in a glass cup and a stylish to-go bottle.


Last but not least, I went to Samgwangsa Temple with my co-teacher Nancy and friend Hayden. It was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Thousands of lanterns, everywhere. The best view is on the second floor of the temple.. the one with the convenience store in it (lol!). Put it on your travel check list, you gotta go here.


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