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Please read part 1 & part 2 before continuing or else you will have seven years of bad luck. I’m kidding.. but seriously, do read those posts before this one. Go. Now.

This is my last post for my Bali trip (wah!) but hopefully my little series has set a spark within to get out there and travel or informed you of YOUR next vacation to Bali.

Now, where did we leave off.. oh yes. So after our stay in Ubud we left to the surf city of Uluwatu! We stayed at Uluwatu Surf Apartments through Airbnb (Save $$$ on your first stay using Airbnb anywhere in the world by clicking HERE). It had a wonderful pool, puppies, and it was only a short walk to Suluban Beach.

IMG_0023 (1)

The below photo is part of Suluban Beach. I spent a couple lovely afternoons lounging under a cave made of natural limestone, listened to the sounds of the crashing waves, and stared nonchalantly at all the hot surfers. Like, WOAH! Could’ve grated cheese on their abs, just saying.


The best way to get around Uluwatu is on a motorbike. We rented ours through our Airbnb for only $7/day. You don’t need a special license but I’d advise you to practice for a few minutes before facing the crazy Bali roads, especially since they drive on the left hand side. BTW, there is no such things as lanes here so people weave in and out as they please and stop signs/street lights are not a thing. Keep your head on a swivel and you’ll be fine.


Remember when I mentioned a nice woman in Ubud made me a kimono? THIS IS IT! I am so in love and wear it whenever I enter my apartment. I am obsessed with the material (silk!), the cut, and I love that it’s a piece of Bali I can treasure forever.


Just like Ubud, Uluwatu had bomb ass food. This lunch consisted of watermelon, strawberry, lemon smoothie, tabouli, falafel, and hummus. YUM!


Leni and I had a 7 hour layover in Malaysia so obviously we had to venture out. We only had time to walk around and into the Petronas Twin Towers which magnificently lit the city at night. Malaysia was SO different than Bali, it was like I’ve never seen tall buildings and street lights before! It was such a tease to only be here for a short amount if time but it was lovely while it lasted, or until we had our taxi drama, more on that in my vlog below.


Do you have 16 minutes to spare? PERFECT! Watch part 3 of my Bali series and remember to give it a “like” and subscribe for more adventurous travel vids. Enjoy!

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