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This morning I looked at the date in my calendar: August 31st. It’s Thursday, which means I have soccer after work, gotta visit the bank at some point, and then.. it registered. I lowered my head in shame and muttered “ah shit” beneath my breath.

Today is the deadline for accomplishing my summer goals and I’m going to be totally honest, I forget ALL about them. To be fair, I did say last year that I needed to step it up, and I ended up being too ambitious, if that’s a thing. Awell. Life goes on. Read below for my accomplishments and weak ass excuses for this years summer goals.


1. Visit Namhae Island and go to the German Village.

I went on my own (because, lack of friends) but ended up meeting spectacular people along the way. The day turned out to be one of the best I’ve had in South Korea!

2. Attend Ultra in Seoul.

Another event I went to all by myself (lol) but yet again I met up with wonderful people and danced the night away.

3. Witness the Firework Festival in Pohang.

I don’t even know where Pohang is, TBH.

4. Travel to New Zealand and Australia.

YES YES YES! I have more videos to be published on this trip but until then, you can read about my Christchurch, New Zealand adventure by clicking, HERE!


5. Register for the Chunchon 10k marathon.

I’m all registered, but I don’t know anything about how to get there, where I’ll stay, or how to pick up my race packet. Stay tuned, I guess.

6. Spend an entire day bike riding.

YAY, I ACTUALLY DID THIS ONE! It wasn’t for an entire day, more like an afternoon. Counting it. Read all about it by clicking HERE!

7. Book trip to Cambodia for birthday in October.

WHAT? THIS WAS SOMETHING I WANTED TO DO? See, I don’t even remember. No, this is not happening because change of plans, I’m going back to Canada! It’s only for a week, but I’ll be back on Canadian soil in exactly 30 days and I tear up every time I think about it.

8. Read a new book each month.

I Am That Girl – Alexis Jones
Shoe Dog – Phil Knight
True North – Kathryn Lasky
Beartown – Fredrik Backman

9. Grow Get Up & Go Girl to 500 subscribers on YouTube.

Not gonna give up!

10. Be able to do the splits.

LOL! *eye roll*

Honestly, 6 out of 10 isn’t the worst. It’s not the best, but if this were school I technically passed so.. eat it. Summer 2017, you were adventurous, challenging, and humid as hell but I wouldn’t change a thing. 안녕히 계세요!


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  2. Sounds exciting! Getting the splits is a true achievement, keep going!

    For Seoul, do you have more videos? I’m going there on honeymoon in a month!

    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel 🙂

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