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Hello friends, how are you? ❤️ It’s been a tough time over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has literally put the whole world on pause. Nothing feels normal and there’s nothing normal about this situation (this is a daily reminder to myself, wanted to remind you too). It’s wild to think that we’re living in history and everyday people have been losing their lives, jobs, and.. well.. their sanity from social isolation. Before I get into it, below is a creative I think is important to share from @bethdrawsthings. I’ve been staying inside, trying to keep busy as much as I can but also giving myself permission to just chill TF out. Twice a week I’ll go for a run in the morning and that usually makes me feel accomplished and starts my day off on a good note. I’ve been staying with Mark at his place (my boyfriend) for the past week or so and it’s nice to have the company. We just finished watching McMillions which is a documentary series about the McDonald’s …


Fashion may have been the focus, but beauty reigned supreme as Korean trendsetters strutted the grounds of Dongdaemun Design Plaza with chic, puffy eye make-up, eyebrow slits and dramatic, striking lenses. Looks were bold, carefree statements that opposed tradition. Coloured hair of sunburst reds, icy blondes, and pastel pinks were a signature look amongst the stylish youth as well as cheekbones bedazzled with gemstones. In the ever-growing wave of male beauty, men rocked flesh-toned foundation with edgy eyes and bold lips inspired by the latest K-pop music videos of EXO and BTS. See the best beauty looks outside Hera Seoul Fashion Week this season. Article and photos for FASHION Magazine.


Korean women are notorious for having perfectly radiant skin. Are they hiding a cupboard full of holy grail beauty products? Good genes? Vitamins? Diet? As a skincare fanatic I needed to know how to achieve their level of luminosity. If you have dry skin, like myself, you know how hard it is to make your skin shine bright like a diamond (in the words of Bad Gal RiRi). In my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl I think I’ve nailed the solution for supple, envy-inducing skin. If you’ve never heard of Neogen, they’re a Korean skincare company making waves in the beauty industry and their latest launch, Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack Kit ($48) is the glimmering golden ticket for the natural glow-from-within. Want to know the power of this essence? Benefits of gold flakes (so bougie)? How to properly apply the product? Check it all out in the video below!


I let someone tattoo my face. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Having your eyebrows microbladed (semi-permanent tattoo) is a SUPER popular procedure in South Korea. Some of us (like myself) are not blessed with beautiful, symmetrical brows. Mine are naturally thin and sparse and I’ve always been a little self-conscious about them. Waking up with brows already on fleek, as the kids would say, is a total game-changer. I don’t have to spend 10 minutes in the morning trying to match my left brow to the right, which was honestly a daily struggle. In my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl, I show you the ENTIRE process. From the consultation, the procedure, all the way to a one month update. This post was created for EPIK e-Press.


You know the colour of your lips after you finished eating a cherry red popsicle? The stain is not perfect, it’s faded on the outside and it’s even a little patchy, but you’re kinda into it. If you ever wanted that wash of red to stay, you’re in luck with A’PIEU’s Harutatoo peel-off lip tint in RD01. Watch as I peel-off my lips and experiment with this k-beauty innovation in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl.


There’s a secret behind the luminosity of Koreans and their porcelain skin, and it’s a complex 10-step system. This highly popularized Korean skincare regime is the norm for beauty fanatics, including myself in SoKo. I get asked all of the time about product recommendations and it’s taken a year to finally put together the perfect lineup for my skin type (dry/sensitive). Below is a better understanding of each step and brands I actually love/use to inspire your own Korean skincare quest. STEP 1: Oil-based cleanser NEOGEN Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea (Olive Young, ₩18,000) First step is massaging a gentle cleanser all over the face. This one from NEOGEN is my favourite because it contains 13 natural oils that breakdown my makeup (including eye area) and green tea to help reduce inflammation. Bonus: It’s travel friendly since it’s a stick, not a liquid. STEP 2: Exfoliation Bamboo Charcoal Peeling Gel (Amazon, $27) I use this chemical exfoliant from Aritaum twice a week and it literally lifts and rolls dead skin from my face, which is kinda gross, but also kinda satisfying. STEP 3: Water-based cleanser Tea …


My hair is officially purple. It was a spontaneous decision that happened last week when my cousin Melissa asked, “can I dye your hair a funky colour?” No convincing was needed. #yolo See my hair and all its glory in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl where I round up my beauty (skincare, skincare, skincare), fashion, travel, music, and movie favs from the month of January.


I love watching chatty get ready with me videos on YouTube. I’ve been discovering a new one each morning as I get begin to get ready myself because it’s like the we’re getting dolled up together! Does that make me a sad, lonely person? Probably. I’m not ashamed. Recently, I tried out The Face Shop’s Disney Collection and picked up the Mono Pop Eyes in Lovely Pooh and CC Cooling Cushion in Natural Beige. The finish? Amazing. Packaging? Nailed it. Winnie the Pooh? Adorable. I decided to do a chatty get ready with me video for my Get Up & Go Girl channel and yapped away as I did my makeup. I talked about The Face Shop’s newest product launch, what I’m doing for my birthday (!!), and as the title suggests, yes.. I got ready for a date. You can get all the hot gossip in the video below. While you’re here, check out my latest vlog! I hang out at a Line Friend’s store in Itaewon. TBH I had no idea who these characters were but, I stopped …


  Seven months ago, I moved to Busan—the second largest South Korean city and home to millions of impossibly glowy complexions—to teach English at an all-girls middle school. My students can be sassy at times, but their beauty tips are always top notch. Last semester one of my eighth-graders showed up to class with perfectly stained red lips. Technically, they’re not allowed to wear makeup at school but the look was so A+ that I decided to let it slide. In the days following, I started noticing hip kid after hip kid walking around with lips that looked like they’d just devoured a giant cherry ice pop. I soon spotted a poster in a store window that featured a bright pair of the trendy stained lips. Intrigued, I went inside and picked up a tube from the shelf. The label clarified that I was holding a peel-off lip tint. Wait, peel off? A little more perusing through the shop and I realized this is a booming K-beauty category, with options for eyebrows too. You paint …


You no longer have to be under the age of five to appreciate a colourful mural on your face. Ah, those were the days right? Going to a carnival and getting a butterfly painted on your entire face? Heavenly. Well, your inner kid will appreciate that the Fall 2016 shows at Seoul Fashion Week made it pretty obvious that vibrant face paint is the latest beauty trend. Models at the Doii show (above) donned an array of forest inspired hues that ran down the side of their face and nose. They resembled mystical creatures, or a tribe that I would very much like to be part of. #squadgoals For more sublte(-ish) face paint inspiration, models at the Kye show had their eyebrows and under-eyes painted white. It looked pretty badass tbh, and it’s an immediate attention-grabber. Maybe not for the office or going grocery shopping (imagine…) but we know you want to try it out. Another update: smudged lipstick on your face is no longer embarrassing! Ok, yes it is when it’s not intentional, but …


I’ve been in Busan, South Korea for almost a month. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Among the bustle that continues to be my life, I took today off to pamper myself with Spa Splurge Collection’s Gold Collagen Under Eye Mask & Lip Mask. These lip and eye masks work to diminish fine lines and moisturize the areas where they are placed. Both are made with ingredients such as rose oil, vitamin E and gold powder (OoOoO). If I were to compare how they feel I’d say, like a slippery fish out of water.. that’s the best description I can give, you’d understand if you felt them. Both masks have a light, fresh scent and easy to apply under eyes and on lips. They felt snug when applied but I ended up lying down since they slowly slipped away as I moved. The masks felt GLORIOUS on my skin, the collagen immediately worked to make my under eyes and lips feel smoother. After 20 minutes I took both masks off. I could feel my lips and under eyes become tighter and the areas looked shiner. Overall, …


Question of the day: Do you prefer bar or liquid soap? While both effectively wash dirt, bacteria and oil off your skin, bar soap is the reigning champion when it comes to being more environmentally friendly, concentrated and generally cheaper in price. Why else are bar soaps oh so good? They are typically made with fats, oils and require less energy to produce, while liquid soaps are watered down, contain detergents and produce 20 times (!) more packaging. If that doesn’t convert you to team bar soap, we don’t know what will. Before you start stacking any ol’ bar soap into your cart, note that not all are made the same. There are different types for dry, sensitive, acne, aging and oily skin. We’ve rounded up five types of bar soaps that uniquely target various skin conditions so you can find the right one for you. Sensitive skin: Beauty bars For those with sensitive skin, beauty bars are formulated without lye (a common ingredient in bar soap), meaning they’re extra gentle and packed with hyaluronic acid. …


When I arrived back from Europe a couple weeks ago, Escents invited me to an amazing launch event in Toronto. I was looking forward to it all week but unfortunately, got extremely ill and couldn’t attend. Bummed and bedridden, I laid on my bed, too sick to even turn on Netflix (that’s when you know it’s bad). Little to my knowledge, the Vancouver-based company came to my rescue! Here I thought Escents was simply a natural perfume but NOPE, I was wrong. The 100 per cent natural products use aromatherapy to reduce stress, combat cold & flu and increase energy. Escents was super generous and sent over a care package (THANK YOU!), talk about great timing, eh? As I previously mentioned, Escents uses aromatherapy which is the science of smell and the use of essences and oils to heal the body, mind and spirit. For example, you can spray Escents Immune Boost ($20) above your head or on a pillow, and the tea tree & thyme ingredients help stimulate circulation to get your body back in order. Plus, …