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When I arrived back from Europe a couple weeks ago, Escents invited me to an amazing launch event in Toronto. I was looking forward to it all week but unfortunately, got extremely ill and couldn’t attend. Bummed and bedridden, I laid on my bed, too sick to even turn on Netflix (that’s when you know it’s bad).

Little to my knowledge, the Vancouver-based company came to my rescue! Here I thought Escents was simply a natural perfume but NOPE, I was wrong. The 100 per cent natural products use aromatherapy to reduce stress, combat cold & flu and increase energy. Escents was super generous and sent over a care package (THANK YOU!), talk about great timing, eh?


As I previously mentioned, Escents uses aromatherapy which is the science of smell and the use of essences and oils to heal the body, mind and spirit. For example, you can spray Escents Immune Boost ($20) above your head or on a pillow, and the tea tree & thyme ingredients help stimulate circulation to get your body back in order. Plus, if you do spray this on your pillow, tea tree is great for helping prevent dandruff and hair loss.

Another way of boosting your immune system is swallowing oil of oregano, especially when you feel a sore throat coming on. It’s disgusting, but plug your nose and suck it up because.. it truly does work. Escents has their own relief with their soothing Throat Spray ($13), which is packed with herbs and bacteria fighting ingredients like oregano oil that will bring relief to that dreaded sore throat.


One of Escents products I was most excited to try was their essential oil roll-on blends. If you feel a headache coming on, roll Head Aid ($24) onto your temples and neck. The smell of peppermint and lavender work together to ease tension, relieve nausea and increase energy.

The roll-on I will be using the most is the Stress Relief ($24) because, uhhhh, do you know me? I get stressed about EVERY LITTLE THING! Roll the neroli (citrus flower) and bergamot (citrus fruit) ingredients on your wrist and neck for a comforting smell that helps with nervousness, stress and anxiety. When you inhale this scent, it sends a message to your central nervous system that soothes your mood. When it’s absorbed into your skin, the molecules from the essential oils penetrate into your skin through hair follicles and pores, transporting the oil throughout your circulatory system.


When you’re feeling under the weather, taking a bath is the best remedy for relaxation. Sometimes I run the hot water just to relieve a stuffy nose (yuck, but it’s true!). You’ll need your sense of smell with Escents Lavender ($22, full size) bath gel, as it can provide a calming effect while treating muscular and joint pain. When you finish soaking, Escents Rejuvenating ($22, full size) body and hand lotion contains bergamot and grapefruit. Not only do these ingredients help with insect bites and eczema, but the scent is scientifically proven to uplift your mood.


I am SO ready to take these babies with me when I move to Busan next month (perfect for my carry-on). I’ll be rolling the Stress Relief all over my body because, a 15 hour flight will never NOT be stressful. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

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