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I’ve been in Busan, South Korea for almost a month. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

Among the bustle that continues to be my life, I took today off to pamper myself with Spa Splurge Collection’s Gold Collagen Under Eye Mask & Lip Mask.

These lip and eye masks work to diminish fine lines and moisturize the areas where they are placed. Both are made with ingredients such as rose oil, vitamin E and gold powder (OoOoO). If I were to compare how they feel I’d say, like a slippery fish out of water.. that’s the best description I can give, you’d understand if you felt them.


Both masks have a light, fresh scent and easy to apply under eyes and on lips. They felt snug when applied but I ended up lying down since they slowly slipped away as I moved. The masks felt GLORIOUS on my skin, the collagen immediately worked to make my under eyes and lips feel smoother. After 20 minutes I took both masks off. I could feel my lips and under eyes become tighter and the areas looked shiner.

Overall, I’d say the masks are a nice treat. I would recommend these gold collagen masks to anyone who wants to try a cool, innovative beauty item or perhaps those who travel and want to rejuvenate on an airplane or hotel room.

A box of four eye masks and lip masks ring in at $18 each, and you can purchase online at Spa Splurge Collection where a portion of proceeds will supply hygiene related products to children in need all over the world!

I wasn’t going to add a photo of me using the masks but what kind of beauty writer would I be if I didn’t?


Side note: If you’re feeling adventurous, Spa Splurge also makes Gold Collagen Breasts Masks. I’m not the only one who would want to try, right..


  1. Love the selfie! I just bought another brand of eye masks but if these don’t work out, definitely giving these a try. Thanks! 😀

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