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Monday was the first day of fall. AKA I’m late on this post, I get it, I know. *eye roll*

Every summer I set goals. I try to accomplish them but sometimes life gets in the way and you lose motivation so you end up just feeling like a huge failure but what else is new (LOL, my mental state right now like, am I ok???). In this case I didn’t complete 1.5 of the goals I set out for myself, which isn’t THAT bad. You can read my initial Summer List 2019 post here but don’t bother because they’re also listed below (I need to drop this attitude asap)*. ANYWAY, let’s see how I did…

1. Be able to do the splits.

Not exactly. I took yoga classes for a month to start myself off and learned a bunch of great stretch moves to help me out so I’m half crossing this off.

2. Film an apartment tour.

As of today it has 700+ views, baby!

3. Go rock climbing.

Nope, didn’t have the time but I am going rock climbing in Portugal. REAL rock climbing. On a mountain. WHO AM I?! I leave in 10 days and I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.

4. Order a burger from Uniburger in Montreal.

Oh yes, all I did in Montreal was eat and it was the perfect summer weekend getaway.

5. Learn a simple song on the guitar.

My brother taught me tune. I can’t remember how to play it but just know I did for a short period of time.

*I have an attitude right now because I’m tired and annoyed. I’m trying to be creative but it feels like work and I hate that I feel this way. Your hobbies shouldn’t feel like work, but it does and it makes me feel bleh. I love this blog, I’ve written (pretty consistently) since I was 21 years old. Young pup Jessica grew up on this platform. I hope one day that spark of inspiration hits me again because I want to feel happy when I write, not stressed and anxious. BRB, looking for inspo. 


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