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I got back from my Portugal trip in October and here I am in December writing about my adventures. It’s not a Jessica Moy blog post unless it’s a couple months late, AMIRITE!? *sigh*

In early October I arrived in Porto, Portugal and was in awe of how beautiful the people were.. not just kind and helpful but, FLAWLESS ON THE OUTSIDE! Airport security lookin’ all fineeee and here I was after a six hour flight with bags under my eyes and hair disheveled. Cool.

From the airport I hopped on a bus that took me right into the heart of Porto and was amazed by the beautiful architecture, cobblestone, artwork, and sculptures!


OH, AND THE TILES! The famous blue Portuguese tiles properly known as azulejos (Arabic meaning small polished stone). These gorgeous pieces of art are built into most buildings, used as decoration in public spaces, and can tell stories about Portuguese history, religion, and culture.


My favourite part of Porto was crossing the bridge and entering Vila Nova de Gaia. I sat beside the Douro river, ate a pastéis de nata, and read my book until the sun went down. Absolute paradise.


During my trip I was doing a lot of reading, sitting, shopping, and eating so I took a fun-filled day trip to Guimarães, a charming and historic city where I did a lot of.. reading, sitting, shopping, and eating. Guimarães is regarded as the birth place of the country since the first King of Portugal was born here. It’s an incredible little town with the cutest restaurants that sold a lot of wine.. a lot of cheap.. delicious.. wine.

A4003633-78CF-4C29-A7F2-26DDB316DFE7 (1)

After a few glasses of vino I made my way to the historic Guimarães Castle where many battles were fought and hundreds of years later, a girl named Jessica Moy ran up and down the cobble stairs to nail the perfect photo. Not bad for just resting my camera on my backpack and setting the timer.


PORTO TRAVEL VLOG BELOW! I had so much fun editing this one. I hope you enjoy it. K LOVE YOU BYE!


  1. hi Jessica, it was great to read your post about your trip in the northern region of Portugal 🙂 I am from Lisbon but currently I live in Porto! Guimarães is one of my favorite cities, glad you had a great time! regards, PedroL

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