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Below is a list I put together during one of my “off” days to remind myself that sometimes when I’m thrown into situations where I’m uncomfortable or unfamiliar, it’s ok to not feel like, me. Forcing a smile sucks and shitty situations happen, but no matter what I (or you) go through, it will pass.

For days when I feel like I don’t belong, below are situations when I feel like I do.

  • When I travel
    • Exploring and going on adventures make my soul smile.
  • When I’m with family, or close friends
    • I can eat like a slob and not shower for three days and they will still look at me in the eyes.
  • When it’s late at night and I’m watching Netflix, reading, or writing in my journal
    • Bliss.
  • When I spend time with kiddies
    • All barriers and insecurities are let down because kids don’t care what you look like, what you do for work, or how many Instagram followers you have. They just want to hold your hand as you walk to the park, play boardgames, and for you to share your french fries.
  • When I’m at a concert and I know the words to every song
    • The music just takes over! I also feel like I black out at concerts sometimes, but maybe that’s alcohol induced idk.
  • When I play soccer
    • It’s familiar and something I know I’m good at.
  • When I sleep in the nude
    • This doesn’t need an explanation.
  • When I wear black leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, and sneakers
    • Peak comfort level.
  • When I laugh uncontrollably
    • Similar to burping, farting, or sneezing it’s something your body does and you have no control over once it happens and it’s just truly authentically, you.


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