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Ever wanted to follow me around? Wait, that sounded creepy. Let me rephrase. Ever wanted to know what I do at my job as an EPIK teacher? You’re in luck! In this post I take you through *inhales* my morning routine, introduce to you my co-teachers, lesson plans, lesson prep, how I teach, what I ate for lunch, what I do after school, when I get home and all the other super fantastic things I do in a day. *exhales*

Being a teacher means you are constantly developing, learning and growing with your students. I never thought of myself teaching at a middle school (I was counting on elementary when I first got to South Korea) but now I couldn’t see myself teaching at any other level. I have been an English teacher in Busan, South Korea for a little over a month and have established a workday routine that works for me. That being said, the first week of being a teacher here was the hardest, I constantly asked myself, WHAT AM I DOING?! / WHAT IS GOING ON?! / HOW DO I DO.. ANYTHING?!

If you’re thinking of becoming an EPIK teacher, you will establish a day-to-day routine within the first month, and it’s smooth sailing from there.. promise. 🙂

To give you a little taste of what I do as an EPIK English teacher in South Korea, go ahead and watch my video and follow me around for the day:

My weekday routine goes a little something like this:

7:05 AM – Wake up. Hit snooze button. Wake up again. Hit snooze button.
7:10 AM – Hear stomach rumble. Actually get up.
7:15 AM – Eat breakfast.
7:20 AM – Shower and get ready.
7:45 AM – Morning dance party.
7:50 AM – Pack my bag.
8:00 AM – Leave for school.
8:02 AM – Arrive at school and change into my indoor shoes.
8:05 AM – Enter teachers office, say hello to co-teachers and sit at desk.
8:10 AM – Start lesson prep for next week.
8:30 AM – Head to my English classroom to set up for morning lesson.
9:00 AM – Students arrive.
9:05 AM – Class begins.
9:50 AM – Class ends. Head back to the teachers office to mark homework and lesson plan.
10:30 AM – Head to my English classroom to set up my next lesson.
10:50 AM – Students arrive.
10:55 AM – Class begins.
11:40 AM – Class ends
12:00 PM OR 12:35 PM – Head to cafeteria to eat lunch with my co-teachers.
1:00 PM – Head back to the teachers office to lesson prep.
2:30 PM – Head to my English classroom to set up my next lesson.
2:35 PM – Next class begins.
3:20 PM – Wave goodbye to students and start prepping for after school English conversation program.
3:30 PM: Students arrive.
3:40 PM: English conversation program begins.
5:00 PM: Wave goodbye to students and lock my English classroom door.
5:20 PM: Head home.

For more information on the EPIK program, click here: EPIK e-Press


  1. I came across your blog through the EPIK e-newsletter. I really like your blog! Your schedule seems pretty nice! I’m also using that text book for my middle school classes!
    Anyways, glad I was pointed towards your blog.
    Look forward to more 🙂

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