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I was born mixed race, my father is Chinese and my mother is French. There are tales of someone on my dad’s side being Portuguese.. maybe? As the story goes, my great-grandfather was born in Macau (a Portuguese settlement of China), but he was adopted so it’s unclear who his birth parents were.. perhaps one of them had a little Portuguese in them? That would make sense.

Sometimes people get confused about what my background is, “I can’t pinpoint exactly where you’re from, but it’s exotic.” Ok well, I’m from Canada and it’s cool to be curious but def don’t call me exotic (that’s a whole other rant I won’t get into today). Without a doubt I always get, “you’re some type of Asian but mixed with something else.” I wrote about this topic back in 2012, which you can read here.

About a month ago I decided to try out 23andMe (receive 10% off your own kit using my discount code here). If you’re unfamiliar, 23andMe is a decently comprehensive ancestry breakdown that tracks your family history based off your DNA. The kit was mailed to me and inside contained a small vial. I was instructed to spit into the vial to the designated line, seal it up, and mail it back to the lab.

Fast forward a couple months and I HAVE MY RESULTS, and they were quite surprising:

As expected, I’m majority Chinese and French. As for the German part, it likely has to do with ancestors living in countries in the French & German region (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, etc.). I would simply classify myself as French since my family members on that side parle français and history traces us back to île-de-France. So cool!

What surprised me the most was the fact that I’m 9.3% British & Irish. My mom mentioned my great-grandfather (on her side) had some Irish in him so this makes sense. It also likely explains my obsession with potatoes, boil ’em, mash ’em, stick em in a stew.

I would not have guessed I had some Vietnamese in me, but I’m proud of the 4.0%. It makes me question, am I Vietnamese because of my French side when they invaded Vietnam in the 19th century or is it because of my Chinese side since the countries are in close proximity to each other. I have so many questions. Regardless, I’ve never been to Vietnam but it’s on my travel bucket list.

Interestingly enough, it seems like the tale of having a wee bit Portuguese in me is a FACT, even though it’s a small percentage of 2.0%. Again, I’m not sure where this comes from but it’s funny to see that it’s woven into my DNA. I visited Portugal a couple years ago and absolutely loved it, you can read about my adventures, here.

The report not only included an ancestry breakdown but also a trait report, which can be seen below:

Weirdly enough, the above does perfectly describe me. I’m definitely a better sprinter than distance runner, dark chocolate is FAR superior to milk chocolate and moving forward, I’m blaming my bad sense of direction on genetics.

I’m still going through the entire report, it’s lengthy and goes into detail about ancestry composition, traits, and DNA relatives. Who knew that spitting into a vial could tell me so much about who I am and where my ancestors came from!


Last month I decided to dabble with Adobe Illustrator for no reason other than there’s literally nothing else to do while isolated in lockdown. I downloaded Illustrator and signed up for a free trial with Skillshare taking classes such as,Great Graphic Design: Create Emotional, Gripping Typographic Art and Graphic Illustration: Boldly Design with Color and Shape.” I found them to be VERY helpful.

I spent a couple of days fiddling with Illustrator’s tools experimenting with shapes, fonts, colour, texture, and tracing. I wouldn’t have guessed that I would fall in love with it all. Illustrating and designing is my new Sunday evening activity. I tune out, play music, and spend 30-minutes refining a single line until it’s exactly how I want it. It’s also a great way to forget (even for just a moment) the state of the world or the creeping feeling of the Sunday scaries.

It’s also a creative way to express myself, especially when I’m feeling moody *ahem* sorry, meudiee. I draw what I want, use colours that inspire me, and often come up with quotes that relate to how I feel.

You’ve made it this far down on the blog post (well done!) so you may as well follow @meudiee on Instagram for more amateur designs and illustrations. See ya there!


I haven’t written a blog post in almost three months. So, hello, how are you? How’s your mental health? Have you drank enough water today?

Nothing is really new with me. I’m still isolated at Mark’s place trying to keep sane because, pandemic. COVID-19 numbers are the highest they have ever been in Ontario so I am stirring in my isolation bubble, wearing a mask when I need to go outside, and WILL NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED TRAVELLING, GOING TO RESTAURANTS, OR HUGGING EVER AGAIN!

This past year has been a shit show, to say the least.

I turned 30 back in October and had a fantastic birthday despite the tumultuous year. If you’ve been around for awhile you know that for every birthday I list out goals for myself, except last year. The last time I made birthday goals was when I turned 28. During my 29th year of life, things were fuzzy. I was let go from an incredible job due to COVID-19 and saw myself back at square one, navigating next steps and applying for jobs during a pandemic. This was one of the main reasons why I did not make goals for myself at 29, I could barely see five minutes of my life in front of me.

Now that I’m 30 and have a new job in social media management (which I love!) I feel more comfortable setting new goals for myself. Before we do that, let’s look back at my goals from 28 years old and see how I did:

1. Purchase property

I am obsessed with this tiny space I call home. I’ve been living here for almost two years, CRAZY!

2. Donate blood

Would do again.

3. Travel to Portugal

You can read about my trip to Portugal here and here.

4. Write a book (or at least, on my way)

I should really stop with this…

5. Secret mission I can’t talk about, but next birthday I will tell you

I honestly do not remember what my goal was here, lol lol lol.


Below are the goals I will strive to achieve during my 30th year of life:

1. Travel literally anywhere, if restrictions allow

2. Install new kitchen counter tops, if restrictions allow

3. Start a creative Instagram account

4. Support more Canadian small businesses

5. Open up TFSA & RSP accounts

Oh, one more thing. I made a video about the 30 things I’m happy I did before 30. 🖤 It would mean the world to me if you would watch! Also, thank you for reading this far and for sticking around because with Instagram and TikTok ruling the content world, who reads blog posts anymore? You do, and that’s why I love you.


Last year I published my first Studio Apartment Tour which continues to hold the #1 spot of the most watched video on my channel (157k+ views!). The layout was ideal for relaxing after a tough day at work or entertaining a couple of friends on the couch.

I decided to rearrange my apartment to be more “social isolation” friendly. I pushed my bed in front of the TV because binge watching Netflix is now a past time and I carried my desk near the window so I can look outside from time to time while I work from home. I love the new layout, but let me know what you think!

Enjoy my updated Toronto apartment tour below.


It’s the end of warm weather season and the beginning of pumpkin spice everyyythinggg. Back in April I set goals for summer 2020 and created two editions; one regular and one in case I was stuck in social isolation. Since there’s still a pandemic out there (please wear a damn mask) I won’t be too harsh on myself on the uncompleted goals but let’s see how I did:

2020 Summer Goals (social isolation edition)

  • Learn how to make gnocchi 

Yum! Gnocchi was way easier to make than expected. It’s perfect if you have leftover mashed potatoes and only requires 4 ingredients: Potatoes, flour, salt, and eggs. Here’s an easy recipe to follow if you want to try it for yourself.

Not perfect, but it’s a start! 👩🏻‍🍳✨
  • Learn the first 50 elements of the periodic table

According to my boyfriend I completed this goal. I practiced a lot with him during social isolation (lol, poor guy) but don’t remember getting to 50. I’ll take his word for it sooooo I’m CROSSING IT OFF!

  • Paint something
➰ 〰️ ✍🏼

I got very into line drawings and practiced a bit throughout the summer. Technically this isn’t a “painting” but I’m counting it because watercolour was used and I make the rules here.

  • Watch all seasons of Seinfeld (except the first season because apparently it’s not worth it)

I forgot about this goal. I didn’t watch Seinfeld (like, at all) but I did watch A LOT of movies this summer including The Big Short, The Wolf of Wall Street, Jojo Rabbit, The Nice Guys, etc. All recommended by my boyfriend, all were great. Thanks Mark.

  • Creatively celebrate the one year anniversary of Mark and I

By creative did I mean, go to Costco and indulge in chicken wings and ice cream? Because that’s exactly what we did (a delicious decision). I could literally sit in a box with Mark and be happy, he’s truly been a saviour for my sanity this year.

Love ya!

2020 Summer Goals 

  • Book trip to India/Nepal


  • Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers every month

I have discovered that my favourite form of self care is buying an $8 bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. I enjoyed bringing them home every month, especially since I spent most of my time indoors. It was nice to admire them at every hour of every day.

Greenery makes my soul happy
  • Go thrift shopping and post a haul on YouTube

I DID IT, plus a couple thrift flips.

  • Attend a concert, festival, fair.. literally anything that will get me outside and social again


  • Go on a romantic weekend getaway with Mark

Mark and I rented a little cabin in Huntsville and absolutely loved it. We wish we could’ve stayed longer to enjoy the sunsets and s’mores, but it was the perfect socially distant getaway while it lasted. Vlog below.

2020 is a weird one, but at least I completed most of my summer goals. I hope you’re doing well and keeping safe. A reminder that we’re all in this together. Perhaps next summer we can all hug, travel, and breathe again without hesitation. Summer 2021 I’m looking at you! Here’s hoping.


You’re at home a lot (hopefully) and likely procrastinating when it comes to hanging up wall art that’s been chillin’ on the closet floor since 2018.. you know who you are.  Time to dust it off because IT’S THEIR TIME TO SHINE! Decorating the space we spend the most time in is SO important for our productivity, mood, and mental health. Every art piece, photo, and plant in my studio apartment makes me “feel joy” (lol, thanks Marie Kondo). Even though my living space is essentially one big room (the fridge is only an arms length away from the bed) I love that it is intentionally decorated in a way that is bright, airy, and makes me feel ok with being a homebody.

In the video below I show you tips and tricks on how to easily add colour, art, and inspiration to any size space.


If you’re looking for an easy DIY home decor idea that covers blank walls, requires no tools, and can be done under $20.. I’VE GOT YOU! I went thrifting and bought baskets for this easy-peasy DIY basket wall that’s perfect for small or large spaces.

Let me know what you think and if you try this DIY basket wall, tag me on Instagram: @Jessica_Moy!


Went to Value Village.

Wore a mask.

Saw pretty things, bought them.

Went home in the pouring rain.

Washed my hands and the clothes.

Turned on camera.

Purposely ripped holes in a pair of jeans that were originally $238 but got for $14.99.

Uploaded creation to YouTube.



I stumbled upon an Instagram account I think everyone should follow: @soyouwanttotalkabout.

Quite simply, they dissect progressive politics and social issues in easy to digest slideshows that feature informative facts and figures. Lately I have made it a goal to be conscious of who I follow on social media and fill my feed with diversity as well as educational content from valid sources. You are what you consume and if I’m going to spend 2-3 hours a day on my phone (lol, I’m not proud of this.. but like.. social isolation..) may as well make it useful.

Below I have re-posted from @soyouwanttotalkabout about two topics relevant right now: RACIST REBUTTALS & WEARING A DAMN MASK.





I recently won a contest on Instagram from Princess Polly and was given $100 to spend on anything on their site. My fourth contest win of the year, ayy! I’ve been wearing sweatpants.. or no pants.. for the past few months (thank you social isolation) and was excited to have stylish clothes I can wear for when I become social again.

Princess Polly is an Australian online fashion boutique who sell trendy dresses, pants, accessories, etc. If you see Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner wearing it, you can probably find it on their site. Check out my haul and try-on video below to see what I nabbed up and how I style each piece.


We don’t know what the world is going to be like tomorrow but I’d like to be optimistic.

If you’re a long time reader you know that every year I write a list of summer goals (check out my 2019 edition here). For 2020 I’m creating two lists, one social isolation related and one not. Safety procedures will determine which list I will work off of, perhaps I’ll complete one list or a mix of both. I guess we’ll see what happens.


2020 Summer Goals (social isolation edition)

  1. Learn how to make gnocchi 
  2. Learn the first 50 elements of the periodic table
  3. Paint something
  4. Watch all seasons of Seinfeld (except the first season because apparently it’s not worth it)
  5. Creatively celebrate the one year anniversary of Mark and I

2020 Summer Goals 

  1. Book trip to India/Nepal
  2. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers every month
  3. Go thrift shopping and post a haul on YouTube
  4. Attend a concert, festival, fair.. literally anything that will get me outside and social again
  5. Go on a romantic weekend getaway with Mark


I’ve been following artist/author Adam J. Kurtz on Instagram for quite some time and love that his work is simple, yet powerful. His words make you feel not so alone, especially in quarantine as you bake your fifth banana bread, finish your umpteenth Netflix original series, and wait for this dreadful COVID-19 to just GO AWAY!

Today in Adam’s newsletter he included printable quotes and worksheets you can fill out. Since I have nothing else going on I decided to participate. If you’ve seen my apartment tour you will recognize the first quote below as I have it hanging in my bathroom, above the toilet (it’s a good daily reminder).

If you want in on more inspirational worksheet fun, you can check it all out here.



Hello friends, how are you? ❤️

It’s been a tough time over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has literally put the whole world on pause. Nothing feels normal and there’s nothing normal about this situation (this is a daily reminder to myself, wanted to remind you too). It’s wild to think that we’re living in history and everyday people have been losing their lives, jobs, and.. well.. their sanity from social isolation.

Before I get into it, below is a creative I think is important to share from @bethdrawsthings.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.33.18 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.33.30 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.33.38 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.33.45 PMScreen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.33.53 PM

I’ve been staying inside, trying to keep busy as much as I can but also giving myself permission to just chill TF out. Twice a week I’ll go for a run in the morning and that usually makes me feel accomplished and starts my day off on a good note.

I’ve been staying with Mark at his place (my boyfriend) for the past week or so and it’s nice to have the company. We just finished watching McMillions which is a documentary series about the McDonald’s Monopoly game scam that was essentially run by the mafia. We’ve also been watching Game of Thrones (first time for me), do I even bother watching the last season? Please advise. We’ve also been cooking delicious meals every day together. Tonight  we made homemade chicken fingers and sweet potato fries PLUS a yummy dipping sauce comprised of plain greek yogurt, mayo, garlic powder, and sriracha sauce.

For those of you struggling with the effects of this pandemic, I’M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I’ve had a couple COVID-19 related breakdowns since it’s 1) a scary ass virus and 2) has taken a lot away from me, from us. I have to remind myself that this madness is out of my control and all I can do is follow daily protocols and stay as positive as I can.

Below I have rounded up 5 self-isolation tips:

  1. Make your bed every single morning
  2. Go outside daily, a 15 minute walk is VERY beneficial to your physical and mental health but remember to keep a safe distance from your neighbours
  3. Text, phone, or video call family and friends as often as you can and play Houseparty with them, it’s a free app where you can challenge them in virtual heads up, pictionary, or trivia games
  4. Learn a new skill – guitar, coding, video editing, baking.. literally anything
  5. Be gentle on yourself and remember that you don’t always have to be productive, just do your best and know that doing your best will look different on different days

I find the above has been super helpful for my sanity so hopefully it can help you too!

Before I arrived at Mark’s I did some spring cleaning around my studio apartment and filmed the process for you, lots of bleach was involved.

I hope you’re staying healthy and staying inside. We’re all going through a variety of emotions but know you’re not alone and that this is all temporary. Talk soon!