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First post of 2020! Woo-hoo! If you haven’t seen my first Portugal blog post, you can read about my adventures in Porto, here.

After a few days sipping coffee and reading on cobblestone stairs until sunset, I said good-bye to the magnificent city of Porto and hopped on a train to Aveiro. This vibrant town is commonly known as the Venice of Portugal because of the pretty canals and gondolas.


You only need a couple of days to explore Aveiro and if you get a chance I highly recommend renting a bike and peddling to Costa Nova Beach. I rented from Biclaria for 10€ and was given a bike (with a basket!), helmet, and security lock. I was also given a map to how to get to the beach but it was a little confusing so I used my phone to navigate. Costa Nova Beach is an hour ride away and when you see the colourful houses, you have arrived!

The beach was a little cloudy the day I went but it was still so beautiful. I brought a lunch and sat on the boardwalk, watched the giant waves crash on the shore, and imagined how busy this beach can get during the summer months.


After a couple of days of exploring Aveiro I took a bus to Óbidos. Oh. My. God. I could cry just thinking of the beauty of this town. My Airbnb host, Arlinda said this little town was presented to the Queen of Portugal on her wedding day in 1282. If I’m not given a whimsical town from my partner on my wedding day, I want a divorce.

I stayed at a gorgeous Airbnb that was within the castle walls, you can check it out here. Arlinda was so kind and took me on a tour of the town and it was an incredible experience to stay in her home that has been passed down in her family for hundreds of years. If you’re new to Airbnb and thinking of booking, you can get $60 off your first stay anywhere in the world HERE!


When in Óbidos I recommend getting up at sunrise to climb the walls the encircles the illustrious town to admire the views without the crowds. You will be one of few people, until the tour buses arrive around 10am. While you can enjoy the cobblestone streets, classic Portuguese painted houses, and be first in line at the cafes.. mmm the baked goods here were delicious.


I didn’t mention above but in Aveiro I ate a francesinha, which is a traditional  Portuguese sandwich that’s basically a heart attack on a plate. It. Was. Massive. I vlog about it below so you should watch. Right now. Enjoy!

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