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Last month I decided to dabble with Adobe Illustrator for no reason other than there’s literally nothing else to do while isolated in lockdown. I downloaded Illustrator and signed up for a free trial with Skillshare taking classes such as,Great Graphic Design: Create Emotional, Gripping Typographic Art and Graphic Illustration: Boldly Design with Color and Shape.” I found them to be VERY helpful.

I spent a couple of days fiddling with Illustrator’s tools experimenting with shapes, fonts, colour, texture, and tracing. I wouldn’t have guessed that I would fall in love with it all. Illustrating and designing is my new Sunday evening activity. I tune out, play music, and spend 30-minutes refining a single line until it’s exactly how I want it. It’s also a great way to forget (even for just a moment) the state of the world or the creeping feeling of the Sunday scaries.

It’s also a creative way to express myself, especially when I’m feeling moody *ahem* sorry, meudiee. I draw what I want, use colours that inspire me, and often come up with quotes that relate to how I feel.

You’ve made it this far down on the blog post (well done!) so you may as well follow @meudiee on Instagram for more amateur designs and illustrations. See ya there!

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