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Christmas isn’t a big deal on this side of the world, it’s another Valentine’s Day for couples to hold hands, take pictures with pretty lights, and have a quarrel by 8PM. You’re not in an official relationship in Korea until one of you storms off in rage in public. Sighhh, I love witnessing real life K-dramas.

It also doesn’t snow in Busan so it hardly feels like the festive season. But even when the weather does get below zero, I still order vanilla milkshakes (I can’t be the only one!) because how could you say no when it comes with a topping of caramel corn!


There have been a couple frigid days in the city, but that’s just a valid excuse to eat a copious amount of hot noodle soups. Whether it’s ramen, pho, or a kimchi jjigae, noodles are my ultimate comfort food.


My favourite kind of noods are the ones sold in the alley ways of Nampo. You just pop a squat with an ajumma and eat what they serve ya.


This isn’t the holiday season I’m used to back in Canada, but it will do for now. Have a happy, healthy holiday season my dear readers. Love ya long time!

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