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Korean women are notorious for having perfectly radiant skin. Are they hiding a cupboard full of holy grail beauty products? Good genes? Vitamins? Diet? As a skincare fanatic I needed to know how to achieve their level of luminosity. If you have dry skin, like myself, you know how hard it is to make your skin shine bright like a diamond (in the words of Bad Gal RiRi). In my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl I think I’ve nailed the solution for supple, envy-inducing skin. If you’ve never heard of Neogen, they’re a Korean skincare company making waves in the beauty industry and their latest launch, Code 9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening Pack Kit ($48) is the glimmering golden ticket for the natural glow-from-within. Want to know the power of this essence? Benefits of gold flakes (so bougie)? How to properly apply the product? Check it all out in the video below!


There’s a secret behind the luminosity of Koreans and their porcelain skin, and it’s a complex 10-step system. This highly popularized Korean skincare regime is the norm for beauty fanatics, including myself in SoKo. I get asked all of the time about product recommendations and it’s taken a year to finally put together the perfect lineup for my skin type (dry/sensitive). Below is a better understanding of each step and brands I actually love/use to inspire your own Korean skincare quest. STEP 1: Oil-based cleanser NEOGEN Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea (Olive Young, ₩18,000) First step is massaging a gentle cleanser all over the face. This one from NEOGEN is my favourite because it contains 13 natural oils that breakdown my makeup (including eye area) and green tea to help reduce inflammation. Bonus: It’s travel friendly since it’s a stick, not a liquid. STEP 2: Exfoliation Bamboo Charcoal Peeling Gel (Amazon, $27) I use this chemical exfoliant from Aritaum twice a week and it literally lifts and rolls dead skin from my face, which is kinda gross, but also kinda satisfying. STEP 3: Water-based cleanser Tea …


My hair is officially purple. It was a spontaneous decision that happened last week when my cousin Melissa asked, “can I dye your hair a funky colour?” No convincing was needed. #yolo See my hair and all its glory in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl where I round up my beauty (skincare, skincare, skincare), fashion, travel, music, and movie favs from the month of January.


Winter break is over and in the words of my students, “VACATION WAS TOO SHORT!” Even though it’s back to the grind I’m excited to relive my Thai adventures with you all. I already miss the beautiful weather (legit, so perfect), elephant cuddles, lady boys, and delicious street food galore. Sigh. Alright, let’s begin. On January 15, 2017 I made my way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I had an overnight layover before I made my way to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I went to Malaysia last summer for a few hours (a result of another layover) and totally forgot that NO ONE TAKES CREDIT CARD – restaurants, taxi drivers, convenience stores. Nobody. When I got to my Airbnb (KLIA 6ixth Sense) the host was kind enough to pick me up from the airport and even traded American dollars for Malaysian ringgit so I could eat dinner. Bless him. When I was dropped off I felt a little uncomfortable walking around the area where I stayed (men kept staring and it was getting dark) so I didn’t …


HAPPY 2017 MY BEATIFUL READERS! A new year brings new resolutions.. except, I don’t start resolutions that commence exactly on January 1 because instant change is the WORST! Some people can start fresh in the new year and cut off junk food or go to the gym without missing a day. If this is you I say both congratulations, and you suck. While adapting quickly to new projects or resolutions can be exciting, it stresses me the eff out. Recently, a change I’ve been struggling with is the ability to wake up earlier. I’m the person to hit the snooze button at least three times, which leads me to wake up five minutes before I have to be at work, and roll to my desk like a hot morning mess. This needed to change. One morning I felt ambitious and woke up at 6AM thinking I can do the 900 things I want to accomplish before 8AM such as yoga, writing, reading, and making a well-balanced breakfast. HA HA. I ended up failing and hating myself …