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Last year I was rushing through Busan Station to catch the KTX train to Seoul. It was early morning on a Saturday and I was on my way to the platform when suddenly, a young Korean lady tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and she kindly blurted, “I’m sorry to bother you but, what is your name?” “Jessica!” I responded with a smile, “what’s yours?” “I’m Rachel” she said shyly. “Umm, I’m a fashion designer, and I know you’re in a rush but I would love for you to model my clothes.” I was in shock, mostly because her English was flawless and that was something I wasn’t normally used to hearing. She mentioned she grew up in Busan, learned English in school, and now studies fashion design in France! I told her that I was actually on my way to Seoul Fashion Week and would love to work with her once I’m back. We exchanged Kakao info before splitting ways. A couple weeks later, Rachel set up a photoshoot at a classy French restaurant in …

My new shirt design…like?

STOP! Make sure to read my Fabricland adventure first! Click HERE! 🙂 FINALLY! I DID IT! I made a tank top I absolutely love! What do you guys think about the fabric? The cutting and sewing took a couple hours, but I wanted to make sure the design was beautiful to match the beautiful people I’ll be selling them to. What do you think? Something you’d be interested in buying? Price is being determined, but it won’t be more than $10. It’s a little sheer, so you definitely have to wear a cute bandeau/bra or tank-top underneath. XO Jessica  

What kind of customer do you design for?

I can’t even stress how relieving it is that Lagerfeld put into words what was only sounds in my mind. “I never want to think about customer…I just do collection, then it’s up to them to run with it. Wherever they run, whatever direction they take, I hope it’s the right direction, but I don’t believe it’s a good thing to say I design for this kind of person. There was once a French designer who said my dress is only bought by clever women…she went out of business. Never say, THIS is for you and THIS is NOT for you, I think it’s very pretentious.” – Karl Lagerfeld Designers always describe their “customer” as being fearless, beautiful, professional or confident. It’s repetitive…and a tad annoying. I think designs are in the eyes of the beholder. A collection will mean different things to different people. Like Lagerfeld said, let the customer figure it out and let them “run with it.”