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‘Tis the season of getting outside and enjoying the heat, and what better way to ring in the sweet summertime than going for a riverside bike ride. My friend Jake and I made our way to Samnak Ecological Park in Busan and rented a bike for ₩3,000 each. We had to give the rental place a piece of ID, which was returned once we gave back the bikes. I read online that foreigners can rent these bikes for free, but turns out it wasn’t true. No biggie though, ONWARDS WE WENT FOR OUR RIVERSIDE ADVENTURE!


We had one hour to ride around the area, which is the largest of the four parks located along the Nakdonggang River.


We rode pass a plethora of soccer and baseball fields, camp grounds, and even an inline skating rink. The boys in the picture below enthusiastically said hello as I was passing by and couldn’t help but snap a photo, they were just so darn cute!


Peddling along the riverside, I forgot I was still in a city. The leisurely ride was a great escape from the regular bustle and filled with scenic marshes, tall grasslands, willow trees, wildflowers, and all types of birds flying up and around us.


The only complaint is that a one hour rental wasn’t long enough. The park is ginormous, and you could easily ride around for an entire afternoon.


After the hour was up we broke quite a sweat, and an appetite. Jake asked what I was in the mood for and my immediate answer was mul naengmyeon (물냉면). It’s a refreshing South Korean summer dish served cold and made with radish water, meat, noodles, veggies, and a red spicy sauce.


We also ordered a platter of homemade mandu (만두), which I crave constantly no matter the season.


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