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Oh sun, how I’ve missed you.

As of late the weather in Busan has been glorious. I have been out of the house a whole lot and recently went on a solo hike at Oryukdo. The entire walk was B-E-A-U-tiful! The coast stretches on for almost 4 km and the scenic views make you stop every few steps to take in the the sight of the endless sea.IMG_5204The day after my hike, I went for a stroll around Bosu-Dong Book Alley. I always love coming down here to browse through the thousands of books, some you can find in English if you look close enough. I took a pit-stop at a cafe at the end of the alley and had something called “Wedding Tea” which was caramel flavoured, and it was scrumptious.IMG_5250As I was sitting at the cafe, I was browsing on my phone to see what was around the area. On Google Maps I saw a huge green patch just above where I was located. It was an area called Jungang Park. I had the entire day to wander so I thought I’d check it out. I walked approximately a billion stairs to get to park, but the view of Nampo at the top was worth every second – mountains, sea, bridges, colourful buildings, and Busan Tower looked ravishing in the sunlight.

A half hour into my walk, I stumbled upon a large statue. I always see the tip of this structure when I look up at the mountains near my apartment. It features captains and military men, commemorating fallen war heroes and pays tribute to residents of Busan who continue to shape modern history.

But where are the statues featuring women tho..

IMG_5334Oh yes, there is a vlog for you. I strap on runners and enjoy the wonderful weather in Busan.

Last weekend I embarked on another adventure. A few friends and I went to Daegu for their well-known lantern festival and stayed with our friend Bianca (fellow EPIK teacher). The festival didn’t commence until nightfall so in the morning we made our way to Suseong Lake, which had duck boats. DUCK. BOATS. We obviously took part in the fun.IMG_5572Bianca and I sat in the back of the duck. Our excuse was, “we’re too tall, peddling would be too hard.” Valid excuse, I think.IMG_5576As evening fell we made our way to Duryu Park for The Dalgubeol Lantern Festival (I think that’s what it’s officially called). I remember last year seeing pictures on Facebook about this beautiful sight and wrote in my calendar that I NEED to see it this time around. I was so happy to see with my own two eyes the thousands of floating lanterns released for Buddha’s birthday. I’ve never seen anything like it before.IMG_5578Want to see the floating lanterns twinkle in the night sky? Also, do you want to know where I’m going in August? Hint: I’m leaving Asia. *GASP* Watch my second vlog, right meow.

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  1. Melissa says

    Hello! Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blogs and YouTube channels. You are beautiful inside and out, charming, and funny! I recently made a YouTube account just because I wanted to subscribe to your channels!

    With love from Texas,

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