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Whenever someone asks where I’m from, which is often, I say with all of my Canadian pride: TUR-ON-OH!

They nod their head and say (in a few octaves higher to sound slightly more interested than they actually are) “oh cool!” and proceed to comment one of the following..

  • Aren’t people really nice there?
  • Do you know Drake?
  • How much snow do you get in the winter?
  • Did you play ice hockey?
  • You have a cute Prime Minister, what’s his name again?

The questions might get repetitive but, I don’t mind. I truly get warm and fuzzies when I talk the diversity of the city I love, how shitty our hockey team is, and the greatness that are timbits and double-doubles.


Last month, Modern Map Art reached out and asked if I would be interested in a print of one of their city grid maps. My heart skipped a beat. YES! YES I DO! The sleek, matte design now hangs wonderfully above my desk and every time I glance at it *cue* all the feels.

I’m thousands of miles away from the city I call home, but the organized chaos of the print makes me proud to show-off where I come from. The design is elegant, modern, and printed on museum-quality paper so it’s thick and durable.


I chose the 18 x 24 Toronto ON Map Wall Art in White, but if wall art isn’t your thang there are options for map designs on pillows or phone cases. This particular piece was $69.99 USD, which could be $$$ for the average joe but the quality is top-notch and you’ll no doubt hang it with pride. It’s also a conversation starter. When guests enter my apartment it’s the first thing they see and ask about..or shall I say.. ABOOT. Ha. K, sorry.

How very Canadian me to apologize for a terrible joke.

Which city would you hang proudly in your home/office? Perhaps it’s your hometown, or even the best city you’ve ever visited? Comment below or tweet me @Jessica_Moy!


Disclaimer: Modern Map Art sent me this lovely piece, but all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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