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I’m currently sitting on my unmade bed with a Nature Republic Aqua sheet mask on my face and listening to blink-182’s new tune California. It must be Sunday.

Last weekend was eventful! My friend Dev and I were on our way to Taejongdae Temple for the Hydrangea Festival and ran into some drama on a bus. We were conversing with each other when suddenly, an older lady turned to me and put her finger over her mouth and went, “shhhh.” We were shocked since we weren’t even talking loudly!

Dev and I slowly made our way to the back of the bus and started conversing again. I felt another tap on my shoulder. A younger Korean lady asked if I could, “please be quiet.” Dev’s New York City roots immediately surfaced and confronted the lady asking why we need to shush on a public bus. The lady responded by turning away from him. We didn’t want to cause a commotion so Dev and I were silent for the rest of the 45 minute bus ride giving evil glares to the screaming kids, people talking on their phones, and others chatting around us.

Our guess is that they told us to be quiet because we were speaking in English, or because us western folk naturally speak louder. Ether way, it’s a public bus and next time I’m going to continuing talking because uhh, I’m allowed to! *eye roll*

On a lighter note, let’s talk about hydrangea’s shall we?


The Hydrangea Festival on Yeongdo Island was stunning! There were over 5,000 hydrangea shrubs that varied in colours from deep burgundy, periwinkle, lilac, and soft peach shades (my fav!). We went late morning and it was fairly busy. I suggest going as early as possible to avoid crowds and appreciate the blooms in all their glory, without worrying about walking into someone’s selfie.

Dev and I walked around the island, and fell in love with the beach that was only a 15-20 minute walk from the festival.


The beach was paradise, and one of the highlights of our day.IMG_8103

We decided to head to Songdo Beach for lunch and ordered mackerel and octopus. However, it’s Korea so every dish comes with a plethora of (yummy & mysterious) side dishes.


On July 1st, I had a Canada Day lesson planned for my students and they loved it! I showed videos of my family wishing them a HAPPY CANADA DAY, a Canadian themed quiz (they were educated on words such as loonie, double double and toque), and I showed a video of Korea Town in Toronto. They were AMAZED! My students couldn’t believe a Korea Town existed in another country!


It’s time for the daily vlog! Watch Dev and I explore Yeongdo, Songdo, and Gwangalli (I may or may not set off a firework). Plus, at the end of the vlog, my students have a message for all my family and friends back home in Canada. Enjoy!

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