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Hello friends!

A couple weeks ago I saw one of my students drawing a picture during class.  She was moving a pencil around her paper so quickly and effortlessly, it was mesmerizing to watch her draw this portrait that would take me a decade to learn how to do. I am constantly amazed at my students and learn more about their quirks and talents every single day. They make losing my voice at the end of the day ALMOST worth it. Haha! But seriously, teenage girls never stop chatting. I am constantly talking over them but, that does not stop me from continually being their biggest fan.

Anyway, the student I saw drawing inspired me to be artistic myself. On the weekend, I went to the art store down the street from my house and bought water colours, a notebook and a few brushes. It was a sunny day so I went to Songdo Beach, sat on a swing bench, and painted. I felt at peace to be on my own. To get lost in what I was doing and my mind off missing home or thinking about whatIwanttodowiththerestofmylife (both thoughts laid heavily on my mind last week).

IMG_7629 (1)

With the stress/anxiety/loneliness I’ve been feeling as of late, I took a zumba class (which was a blast!) and treated myself to a couple face masks from TONYMOLY. They were ₩500 each (so cheap!) and I am obsessed with them. My favourite was the Rice Mask for clear skin. It left my skin plump and glowing, even the next day! TIP: Put them in the fridge and place on your face when you’re feeling hot and sweaty from being outside in the summer sun.


FYI I’m not vlogging this week. I feel like I need to focus on myself because, like any human who lives abroad, I’m going through the motions of missing home and I need a moment to feel things out.

I’m totally fine btw, just need to take time to breathe and relax. The perfect place I did just that was at Busan Citizens Park. I went this weekend and was amazed at the giant fountain, beautiful blooms, beach sand to chill on and the tall trees that provided endless amounts of shade. I loved it here and will definitely be back again.


After I left the park I decided to go to the movies.. by myself (LOL). I had a couple hours to waste until the movie started so I was walking around Seomyeon until I ran into a couple foreign teachers I knew. They invited me for lunch at a vegan/vegetarian place where the food was AMAZING! It’s probably the only vegetarian place in Busan (I had marinated bean chicken if you were wondering, mmm). Afterwards, they invited me to their friends birthday party at Gwangalli, which is where I took the below rooftop photo.

I didn’t get to see my movie but that’s alright with me. It felt good to be invited out when I was feeling a little blue. Everything happens for a reason it seems. 🙂 Sometimes you don’t have control over your emotions and the only thing you can do is just feeeeeeeeel your way through.


I decided to add a little throwback photo to when my brother visited. We shot the below photo for my 3 SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS for my Get Up & Go Girl channel. GO WATCH IF YOU HAVEN’T!


See what else I was up to last week including painting on the beach, eating street food with ajummas and getting WAY too excited when I found nacho chips and salsa at a grocery store. It’s the little things. I hope you like it. 🙂

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