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I’m currently sitting on my unmade bed with a Nature Republic Aqua sheet mask on my face and listening to blink-182’s new tune California. It must be Sunday. Last weekend was eventful! My friend Dev and I were on our way to Taejongdae Temple for the Hydrangea Festival and ran into some drama on a bus. We were conversing with each other when suddenly, an older lady turned to me and put her finger over her mouth and went, “shhhh.” We were shocked since we weren’t even talking loudly! Dev and I slowly made our way to the back of the bus and started conversing again. I felt another tap on my shoulder. A younger Korean lady asked if I could, “please be quiet.” Dev’s New York City roots immediately surfaced and confronted the lady asking why we need to shush on a public bus. The lady responded by turning away from him. We didn’t want to cause a commotion so Dev and I were silent for the rest of the 45 minute bus ride giving evil glares to the screaming kids, people talking …


My co-worker Kirsten and I were invited by Sapporo and Vitaly for their Canada Day yacht party, which also included a fun-filled day at Electric Island. Between our non-stop laughter, two-step dance moves and handstand competitions, I’d say we had a good time. 😉