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I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I moved into my first apartment. I’ve been feeling ecstatic and overwhelmed but incredibly happy to live in a place that is comfortable, spacious, and has way too many beauty products in the bathroom. I don’t have a shower mat nor proper plates to eat from, but I do have two cleansers, three face masks, and five moisturizers cluttering the bathroom cabinet. #priorities


Speaking of beauty products, South Korea is the EPICENTRE of beauty. Every third store on any main street is either The Face Shop, Etude, Skinfood, The Body Shop, etc. It’s beauty heaven. The day after I moved in I went into The Face Shop and bought Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion. The store employee (bless her soul) did not speak a word of English but knew by looking at my face that I had extremely dry skin. She threw what I needed in a bag, took a hand full of free samples, chucked those in and smiled as I left. Love her.


I’m nestled in one of the oldest, most charming areas in Busan, South Korea. There are mountains EVERYWHERE (South Korea is made up of 70% mountain), a hiking trail just outside my doorstep, the ocean is 20 minutes away, subway/bus fares are cheap, and there are a plethora of coffee and food options. Like, so much coffee. I had no idea South Korea was a coffee giant. Not complaining.


I can’t write a blog post and not mention the school where I am teaching English. I’ve been a little nervous standing in front of the classroom (all eyes on me, no pressure) but leading lessons and getting to talk one-on-one with the students has been THE BEST! My students (who are all lovely young ladies) are bright, charismatic and say “hello teacher!” any chance they get in the hallway.

I already feel at home.


Watch me attempt to be an adult in my vlog below. There’s definitely struggle that comes along with moving into your first apartment, especially when everything you do and everyone you speak to = NON ENGLISH (shopping, public transit, etc). I’ve gained all the adaption, survival, and communication points. ALL OF THEM!


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