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I’ve been in Busan, South Korea for almost a month. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Among the bustle that continues to be my life, I took today off to pamper myself with Spa Splurge Collection’s Gold Collagen Under Eye Mask & Lip Mask. These lip and eye masks work to diminish fine lines and moisturize the areas where they are placed. Both are made with ingredients such as rose oil, vitamin E and gold powder (OoOoO). If I were to compare how they feel I’d say, like a slippery fish out of water.. that’s the best description I can give, you’d understand if you felt them. Both masks have a light, fresh scent and easy to apply under eyes and on lips. They felt snug when applied but I ended up lying down since they slowly slipped away as I moved. The masks felt GLORIOUS on my skin, the collagen immediately worked to make my under eyes and lips feel smoother. After 20 minutes I took both masks off. I could feel my lips and under eyes become tighter and the areas looked shiner. Overall, …


Rosie MacLennan delivers a solid performance today in trampoline! CANADA’S FIRST GOLD IN THE SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON! I was in the CTV control room when she won the medal and you should have heard the cheers coming from the entire building (which started once the defending champion from China fell on her last jump)! Not to mention it was cool so see most of the people in the control room STAND when our anthem played. We’re so proud of you Rosie, your late grandfather certainly had the best seat in the house once you stood on that podium! 🙂

10 life lessons I have learned thus far

1. Trust your instincts That little voice inside you is one smart cookie, give it a little credit. 2. Read Take a night off, power down your computer and open a book. Not your Kindle or iPad, literally pick up paged novel and drown yourself in a story. Books will teach you more about life than the internet ever will. 3. Pretend you know what you’re doing Unless it comes to chess, I suppose. 4. Never trust a guy who wears a baseball cap to a bar Just…trust me. 5. Treat all people with kindness “Hey, how are you?” That’s all you need to say to everyone at work or school. Being polite will take you MUCH further than you think. Everyone wants to feel included and by saying “hello” you immediately make the other person feel recognized. Everyone loves a little attention in their day, am I right? 6. Tequila tastes even worse coming up We’ve all been there. 7. It’s ok to take your time I’m a late bloomer in every sense of the …