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This post is dedicated to my mom who has been wondering why I haven’t written a blog post in a week. As she is one of my three dedicated readers, I thought I would get on top of it and post a life update. Here we go..

I left Toronto, Canada on February 17, arrived in Seoul, South Korea on February 18, and transferred to Busan, South Korea that evening. The plane ride was quite comfortable, but I did get a little stir crazy around the 12 hour mark.. it was a 15 hour flight total. To pass the time away I read Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” (I recommend) and watched Aladdin, Goosebumps and a couple episodes of Friends. I attempted to sleep, but who can actually sleep on an airplane? You’re a bionic human of some sort if you can.


I stayed at the Busan University of Foreign Studies for a week to attend EPIK orientation. More on that subject in my vlog below. 😉

This is the wonderful view I got to see every single day.


We had a field trip to Haeundae Beach which was wonderful. It is February and we were all in t-shirts, frolicking on the beach. The 1.5 km long beach is apparently jam packed when the weather gets warmer. I live a little more south from Haeundae, and there is a smaller less congested beach that is a 20 minute subway ride away. I haven’t been yet, but will make my way there soon!


For lunch that day I had bibimbap, a Korean dish that consists of rice and veggies with a couple side dishes. I didn’t know what some food items were on my plate but, one thing I have learned while travelling Asia is never question what you eat. More often than not, you don’t want to know.


The boardwalk at Haeundae was gorgeous! I can see myself enjoying walks around Haeundae rather than the beach itself.


Oh yes, you know what time it is.. MY FIRST VLOG IN SOUTH KOREA! Enjoy!

A side note for my MOM, I’m eating and sleeping well.. please send maple syrup, All Dressed chips, the part that attaches to the bottom of a camera when placing it on a tripod (I forgot mine..), and more international adapters. K THANKS!

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