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How I did on my summer list

I didn’t complete it. 😦

Tears are forming because it’s the last day of summer and I told myself to FINISH THIS LIST – but, as you can see, not all these goals are in bold. Such a disappointment. However, considering my unexpected full-time internship and part-time job in the beginning of the summer, I did a pretty good job!

The bolded are complete…

1. Spend $50 on Summer apparel.

Pshh, this was easy.

2. Buy fabrics and design a summer collection. 

I re-arranged this one, but I crossed it off  because I DID make a shirt and some shorts, but unless I hired little sewers who can work from my room, I didn’t have the time to make more.

3. Attend a live-taping of the The Marilyn Denis Show.

Meh, I’m not too sad this didn’t happen. I did see the studio this summer, can I count that? 

4. Make a summer playlist. Will post playlist when made.

This is practically the first thing I did once my final exam was over!

5. Go to Keswick and canoe/fish on the lake with my boyfriend. :)

6. Go to Wonderland and ride THE LEVIATHAN. AHH, love rollar coasters!


7. Attend a Blue Jay’s game.

Went for my boyfriends birthday! 

8. Buy one new nail polish and beauty product once a month.

Ahh yeahh! I have so many new products! 🙂

9. Have something published.

TECHNICALLY, I haven’t had anything published, but during my internship, the facts I researched about the athletes and teams during the summer Olympic Games were broadcasted and I can’t believe that millions of people heard my writing. So cool.

10. Watch all episodes I’ve missed of Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210, America’s Next Top Model and How I Met Your Mother. Finish seasons of Gilmore Girl, Dawson’s Creek and Lost.

I did a lot of  TV catching up this summer, it was unbelievable. 

11. Completely clean my room, every nook and corner. Get rid of anything I do not use or wear.

I wish I kept it that way.

12. Go on a picnic.

The saddest. I want to go on a picnic so badly. Basket and all. 😦

13. Attend a drive-in.

Apparently my boyfriend is taking me soon…I’m holding this to him.

14. Discover/make a new summer drink mixture.


15. Get my smart-serve.

Ahh man. I totally forgot about this until now. 

16. Start a YouTube channel. Have at least 50 subscribers by the end of the summer.

I loved making videos this summer! I hope to continue them throughout the year! However, I only made 33 subscribers, but I’m crossing it off because 33 is still a pretty good number!

17. CUBA! Enough said.


18. Write a hand-written letter to one of my idols.

It wasn’t hand-written. But, I did write to one of my idols. 😉

19. Bake something fancy with one of my best friends.

CUPCAKES! They weren’t fancy, but they sure were delicious. 

20. Read the entire Harry Potter series. Have Harry Potter marathon of all movies.

I’m on book four, but I do intend to continue the series until I finish them. So. CROSSING IT OFF! 

21. Eat at a restaurant I’ve never been to before. MUST HAVE A PATIO!


22. Purchase a fashion magazine I’ve never read before.

I practically only buy magazines I’ve never read before.


This one is to be continued…something in the works I suppose…will talk about it later. Until then, CROSSING IT OFF! 

18 out of 23 complete!

Not good, but not bad.

Next summer I’ll be done school, so expect my list will be RIDICULOUS! Many more adventures and stories await.

Farewell summer 2012 – it’s time for colder weather and new leaves to turn.




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