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Man, I love summer

Katie and I took a road trip to Cobourg Beach today! Magazines + watermelon + country music + gossip + sunshine = PERFECTION! As per usual, a wonderful day with the best friend! 🙂

We also saw Katy Perry: Part Of Me and…um…I’ve never cried in a movie theatre before – so why did it take the KATY PERRY movie to make me bawl?! I had pretty low expectations for the movie in general, but it was surprisingly WAY more entertaining and showed a side of Katy (as cliche as this sounds) I’ve never seen before. A vulnerable side. The part when she was about to go on stage and she started to break down because she was starting to miss Russell (who she probably hasn’t seen in weeks), so her friend handed her a necklace Russell gave her and she put it on.. ok that sounds lame, but if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know how depressing that scene was. WAH, it makes me sad thinking about it. I’d be one of the first to admit – I’d see it again. It thoroughly entertained me.

Speaking of which, her song Peacock has been playing on replay for about an hour now…


(Bolded are complete)

1. Spend $50 on Summer apparel.

2. Buy fabrics and design a summer collection. Have a Lookbook made and sell clothes to make minimum $100 from the collection at the end of the summer. (I’m re-arranging this one and crossing it off because I DID make a shirt, but unless I hire little sewers who can work from my room, I don’t have time to make more.)

3. Attend a live-taping of the The Marilyn Denis Show.

4. Make a summer playlist. Will post playlist when made.

5. Go to Keswick and canoe/fish on the lake with my boyfriend. :)

6. Go to Wonderland and ride THE LEVIATHAN. AHH, love rollar coasters!

7. Attend a Blue Jay’s game.

8. Buy one new nail polish and beauty product once a month.

9. Have something published.

10. Watch all episodes I’ve missed of Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210, America’s Next Top Model and How I Met Your Mother. Finish seasons of Gilmore Girl, Dawson’s Creek and Lost.

11. Completely clean my room, every nook and corner. Get rid of anything I do not use or wear.

12. Go on a picnic.

13. Attend a drive-in.

14. Discover/make a new summer drink mixture.

15. Get my smart-serve.

16. Start a YouTube channel. Have at least 50 subscribers by the end of the summer.

17. CUBA! Enough said.

18. Write a hand-written letter to one of my idols.

19. Bake something fancy with one of my best friends.

20. Read the entire Harry Potter series. Have Harry Potter marathon of all movies.

21. Eat at a restaurant I’ve never been to before. MUST HAVE A PATIO!

22. Purchase a fashion magazine I’ve never read before.


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