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Hello friends!

Last weekend the sun was shining and I attended my first Farmer’s Dance, or Nongak as it’s officially called. It’s one of the oldest dance forms in Korea and traditionally performed during harvesting time so farmers can have a beat to work to. It was believed the dance will also purify the villages from thieves and fires. As someone who lives in the area, I appreciate this very much. 😉

IMG_7123 (1)

My friend and I went to a dog cafe in Nampo! I immediately fell in love with a puppy named Dookie because his ears and feet were too big for his body and he awkwardly flopped as he walked. He had no interest in me but I got my puppy cuddle fix and, it was fantastic.


Speaking of animals, there is an abundance or stray cats in my area. I named this one Lucy. She likes to climb walls, judge you as you walk past and eats garbage. #spiritanimal

IMG_7063 (1)

My co-teacher gave me tickets to see The Queen’s Banquet in Haeundae Grand Hotel and it was quite lovely! It wasn’t in Englsh but the costumes were amazing, and the traditional music made my toes tap. See a preview (and much more!) in my vlog below.

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