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Hello friends!

Last weekend the sun was shining and I attended my first Farmer’s Dance, or Nongak as it’s officially called. It’s one of the oldest dance forms in Korea and traditionally performed during harvesting time so farmers can have a beat to work to. It was believed the dance will also purify the villages from thieves and fires. As someone who lives in the area, I appreciate this very much. ūüėČ

IMG_7123 (1)

My friend and I went to a dog cafe in Nampo! I immediately fell in love with a puppy named Dookie because his ears and feet were too big for his body and he awkwardly flopped as he walked. He had no interest in me but I got my puppy cuddle fix and, it was fantastic.


Speaking of animals, there is an abundance or stray cats in my area. I named this one Lucy. She likes to climb walls, judge you as you walk past and eats garbage. #spiritanimal

IMG_7063 (1)

My co-teacher gave me tickets to see The Queen’s Banquet in Haeundae Grand Hotel and it was quite¬†lovely! It wasn’t in Englsh but the costumes were amazing, and the traditional music made my toes tap. See a preview (and much more!) in my vlog below.

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