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I didn’t mean to go to a clothing optional beach, I just so happened to stumble upon one. I saw way too many body parts I could’ve lived without seeing but realized how much respect I have for those who can bare it all with confidence. Good on them! Although in that moment I felt extremely awkward and got out of there as quickly as I could, mostly because I was the one being stared at for having clothes on..

Man, I love summer

Katie and I took a road trip to Cobourg Beach today! Magazines + watermelon + country music + gossip + sunshine = PERFECTION! As per usual, a wonderful day with the best friend! 🙂 We also saw Katy Perry: Part Of Me and…um…I’ve never cried in a movie theatre before – so why did it take the KATY PERRY movie to make me bawl?! I had pretty low expectations for the movie in general, but it was surprisingly WAY more entertaining and showed a side of Katy (as cliche as this sounds) I’ve never seen before. A vulnerable side. The part when she was about to go on stage and she started to break down because she was starting to miss Russell (who she probably hasn’t seen in weeks), so her friend handed her a necklace Russell gave her and she put it on.. ok that sounds lame, but if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know how depressing that scene was. WAH, it makes me sad thinking about it. I’d be one of the first to admit – I’d see …