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Rosie MacLennan delivers a solid performance today in trampoline! CANADA’S FIRST GOLD IN THE SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON! I was in the CTV control room when she won the medal and you should have heard the cheers coming from the entire building (which started once the defending champion from China fell on her last jump)! Not to mention it was cool so see most of the people in the control room STAND when our anthem played. We’re so proud of you Rosie, your late grandfather certainly had the best seat in the house once you stood on that podium! 🙂

Sunday update – Olympic Games

YAY, it’s Sunday! The day of the week I write for sixteen straight minutes, based on subjects I think of at this split second. Why sixteen minutes? No idea, but it seems like a good amount of time to write. I currently have a deep cleansing mask plastered all over my face since my skin needs rejuvenating after working 53 hours this week. Phew. Since working for the Olympics, all the days of the week have merged into one. Instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, there’s day one, day two, day three…etc. Even though I have massive bags under my eyes and I slur my speech due to lack of sleep, my internship is going very well! I run around to all the edit suites and make sure everyone has what they need. The best part is sitting in the production studio and watching sports-anchors Michael Landsberg and Kate Beirness report updates on the Olympic Games. They’re such naturals in front of the camera, plus great journalists to look up to. They work extremely hard to research and prepare for the day …

Best uniforms at the 2012 London Olympic Games

Canada – Hudson’s Bay Company  Kept very simple. Love the zip-up sweaters, but not so hot on the beige khakis. However, the entirety of the uniform still works because I’m biased and love Canada and all our athletes – they can be dressed in garbage bags and I’d still love ’em. Great Britain – Stella McCartney  Keeping it classy in black. Love it. USA – Ralph Lauren This honestly can’t get any more American. From their military inspired hats to their Ralph Lauren logo on their jackets. All they need is a piece of apple pie in their hand and they’re good to go. Australia – Sportscraft I really just like their white shoes with the black laces. South Korea – Fila AHOY MATEY! I love everything about their uniform. Clean-cut, sophisticated, and definitely trendy.