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I haven’t wrote a regular catch-up-with-me blog post in awhile.. eek. Well, I guess it’s time for you to grab a cup of tea and take a seat because I’m feeling chatty! Also, I need to fill you in quickly about my life in Korea so the first half of this post is dedicated to that, and I apologize in advance as I know my thoughts will be all over the place. READY? LET’S GO! I am only in Busan for another 4-ish months and then I’m hitting the ground running toward my next adventure. People have been asking me what I’ll miss about South Korea and honestly, I couldn’t tell you because I haven’t been away long enough to know. Perhaps the kind people? Convenience stores at every corner? Cheap public transportation? The food? Well, maybe not so much the food, Korean BBQ.. MAYBE..I know I’ll miss are the picture perfect parks. I recently went for a 5km run at Samnak Riverside, the place with the best running trails in the city. My 10km marathon in Chuncheon is …

Best uniforms at the 2012 London Olympic Games

Canada – Hudson’s Bay Company  Kept very simple. Love the zip-up sweaters, but not so hot on the beige khakis. However, the entirety of the uniform still works because I’m biased and love Canada and all our athletes – they can be dressed in garbage bags and I’d still love ’em. Great Britain – Stella McCartney  Keeping it classy in black. Love it. USA – Ralph Lauren This honestly can’t get any more American. From their military inspired hats to their Ralph Lauren logo on their jackets. All they need is a piece of apple pie in their hand and they’re good to go. Australia – Sportscraft I really just like their white shoes with the black laces. South Korea – Fila AHOY MATEY! I love everything about their uniform. Clean-cut, sophisticated, and definitely trendy.