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Hey friends,

I hope your summer is going well and that you’re embracing any and all awkward tan lines.

I’ve been enjoying the warm weather with the fam jam as much as I can because I’ve missed too many birthdays and holiday celebrations the past two years, I need to make up for lost time! If you’ve never met the Moy gang before, then you’re in for a little treat. Check out my vlog below as I spend time with my parents, brothers, and precious little niece, Mila.

I also chat about my experience thus far with condo hunting in Toronto and, to be honest, I have no idea WTF I’m doing.. but I’m on my way!

A couple weeks ago my cousins from my mom’s side got together for a little quality bonding time, without the actual grown-ups (aka our parents who force us to talk to other grown-ups at family functions and none of us really care for it and we’d rather all just hang out without being forced to chat with long lost aunts twice removed). We all bonded over good food, drinks, games, and a water balloon fight that turned dark, REAL QUICK! Watch the below video and see for yourself.

For instant updates, you can follow me on Instagram because I’m literally on there, always. IG: @Jessica_Moy

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