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A summer goal of mine is crossed off! YUS!

My BFF Katie and I went on a mini road trip to Campbellcroft, Ontario which is a small town east of Toronto, sort of near the Peterborough area. Aka, farm town. We went along the cow ridden, dirt roads for one reason – TO FROLIC IN A FIELD FULL OF LAVENDER! I used to despise the smell of lavender, but it’s currently one of my all-time favourite scents. It’s scientifically proven to relax and calm you and is a natural stress relief (I need allllllll of that in my life right now).

We ended up going to the Laveanne Lavender Field instead of the one in Milton (Terre Bleu Lavender Field) because.. well.. it was free to enter, compared to $20 (!!) entrance fee at Terre Blue.

At 9am we packed the car with snacks, went to Tim’s for an Iced Capp (obvs), and hit the road on our summer adventure. The field was simple to find and arrived around 10:30am. It wasn’t busy when we got there, but got a little more crowded at noon. The field itself isn’t mind blowing but pretty enough for a solid Insta pic.


I wore a beige bodysuit from Forever 21 and a long, sheer white dress I got for $9.99 at a thrift store (pretty good find, huh?). Laveanne had a tiny (like, SUPER small) gift shop that sold baked goods and lavender scented candles, soaps, lotions, etc.

After touring around the fields, Katie and I decided to get lunch at closest bar, which ended up being in Millbrook (approx 10 min drive away) called Moody’s. On their patio we shared a beet and feta salads and a classic charcuterie board, YUM! So summery, and delicious.


See the Laveanne Lavender Field in all its glory in my latest vlog below!


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