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I haven’t wrote a regular catch-up-with-me blog post in awhile.. eek. Well, I guess it’s time for you to grab a cup of tea and take a seat because I’m feeling chatty! Also, I need to fill you in quickly about my life in Korea so the first half of this post is dedicated to that, and I apologize in advance as I know my thoughts will be all over the place. READY? LET’S GO! I am only in Busan for another 4-ish months and then I’m hitting the ground running toward my next adventure. People have been asking me what I’ll miss about South Korea and honestly, I couldn’t tell you because I haven’t been away long enough to know. Perhaps the kind people? Convenience stores at every corner? Cheap public transportation? The food? Well, maybe not so much the food, Korean BBQ.. MAYBE..I know I’ll miss are the picture perfect parks. I recently went for a 5km run at Samnak Riverside, the place with the best running trails in the city. My 10km marathon in Chuncheon is …


Whenever someone asks where I’m from, which is often, I say with all of my Canadian pride: TUR-ON-OH! They nod their head and say (in a few octaves higher to sound slightly more interested than they actually are) “oh cool!” and proceed to comment one of the following.. Aren’t people really nice there? Do you know Drake? How much snow do you get in the winter? Did you play ice hockey? You have a cute Prime Minister, what’s his name again? The questions might get repetitive but, I don’t mind. I truly get warm and fuzzies when I talk the diversity of the city I love, how shitty our hockey team is, and the greatness that are timbits and double-doubles. Last month, Modern Map Art reached out and asked if I would be interested in a print of one of their city grid maps. My heart skipped a beat. YES! YES I DO! The sleek, matte design now hangs wonderfully above my desk and every time I glance at it *cue* all the feels. I’m thousands of miles away from the …


Last week my friend Vanessa and I went to La Merceria, an Argentinean cafe in Toronto, walkable from my work and a hidden gem on Adelaide St W. We often meet to catch up and indulge ourselves with fancy feasts, coffees and desserts around the city – something we both thoroughly enjoy. At the corner of the cafe, we sat down beside the tall window facing the snowy street and chatted about our day, the projects we had going on, our love/hate with Instagram, etc. The usual. We sipped Nutella lattes and picked at our chicken empanadas, rambling on about “being a young adult” and how it’s been more challenging than rewarding. We are both unaware of what’s considered “normal” and laughed at our personal trials and tribulations, because laughing prevents us from having mental breakdowns in public. I suppose no one has it fully figured out. Not you, not me, not the most perfect person you can think of – nope, zilch, nadda. Vanessa and I agreed that we’d rather be lost and confused (it makes for a better TV …

Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Ummmmmmmm so I need this. Like, will-do-anything-including-shovel-your-driveway-and-make-you-dinner-tonight-type of need. My friends Vanessa (shout-out girl) wore a cute Queen West toque a couple weeks ago and I immediately fell in love. I never see trendy pieces of clothing I’d actually wear that incorporate Toronto (especially when they look mega tourist-y), but these are just so darn cute. I came across them again today and have a serious urge to splurge. Produced by a company called Tuck Shop Trading Co., these toques ($35 each) are totes amaze-balls and represent your favourite Toronto hood. So, does the model come with the toque too? I also like/want this coat from the Tuck Shop as well. Just need to save up $445.

This is how my week went

My friend Katie and I bought cute friendship necklaces from Target because everything we talk about is irrelephant…..get it. But also because they symbolize good luck and we both desperately need that in our lives. I took a lovely morning stroll in Toronto. Saw Goldroom perform at Wrongbar. Not sure who he is? Check out his songs below! Embrace – Goldroom Only You Can Show Me – Goldroom Saw some pretty cool graffiti. Had a craving for a ginger molasses cookie from Starbucks, so obviously…this happened… Like any of these photos? ALL can be seen on my Instagram! Add me and let’s be friends! 🙂

The coolest cafe in Toronto

Snakes and Lattes (board game cafe) on Bloor St. West. A five minute walk from Bathurst Station. It’s only $5 for unlimited game play and you can stay for however long you want. They have HUNDREDS of games to choose from and board game experts to teach you and recommend new games! If you go, I recommend playing Cards Against Humanity (funniest card game ever) and ordering the Peppermint Latte (DELICIOUS). It’s a great spot to get away from the cold and have some fun with your friends! However, they fill up quick so I recommend booking your spot ahead of time to avoid a long waiting list. XO Jessica

Victoria’s a Secret baseball fan…get it

How cute are these… I may consider becoming a b-ball fan now. What do you guys think? Smart move on Victoria’s Secret eh? Catering to the girl (like me) who has no idea what’s going on in the game, but at least she looks cute! 🙂 Want to see more adorable Jay’s apparel? Click HERE! V-neck Tee – $32.50 Baseball hat – $26.50 Baseball Tee – $39.50 (WANT THIS ONE THE MOST) Cropped pant – $44.50 Zip hoodie – $68.00

Toronto ABA hair show

These aren’t the best quality photos, but they’re the best I can find! It’s me wearing a MASSIVE wig at the Toronto ABA hair show (people surprisingly thought this was my real hair). The man in the back is hair stylist Jake Thompson, an award winning avant garde hair stylist who cut the wig on stage. Such an amazing talent! What do you guys think?