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The title of this blog post is a little deceiving because A) I’m not the one who actually ate the live octopus and B) I’m not even going to highlight much of that experience. I’m sorry if you clicked here thinking you’d see a plethora of squirming tentacles and disgusted faces. If that’s what you’re craving, scroll down to my first vlog.

Otherwise, here’s an update on my life!

I’m incredibly happy that my dad, brother, aunt, and uncle visited me last month. I was missing home a bunch and it was nice to be surrounded by FAMiliarity. I took them on a tour around the entire city and according to my brother, we walked approximately 30,000 steps in only one day. They tired me da faq out.


We walked along Haeundae Beach where I showed them a little mermaid statue named Princess Hwangok who sits atop of a rock along the coast. She is from Naranda, a mythical sea kingdom of mermaids. As the story goes, she left home to go on an adventure but as time went one she would often sit on a rock, look out onto the water, and feel a little homesick. K BUT LIKE, THAT’S LITERALLY ME THO!


We also went to the Jalgachi Fish Market, a tourist attraction in Busan if you’re looking for fresh seafood or, to gander at all the weird creatures you didn’t know existed on this earth. Outside the market was a nice little pier so I had my brother snap a pic of me breathing in that good ol’ vitamin sea. I truly love living near the water, I’m thankful that I do.


Vlog time! Fast forward to 2:07, I dare you.

I had the pleasure of attending Seoul Fashion Week again this year. The designers of R.SHEMISTE invited me to their F/W ’17 show, and I can never pass up an awesome opportunity like that! I guess you can say SFW is officially a tradition now.


The best part about fashion week is the street style outside the shows. Trendy men, women, and even kiddies stand against the walls waiting for photographers to snap a pic of their carefully curated outfits. I caved in when I saw the cuties below, the little boy even gave me a heart kiss. GAH! ADORABLE!


I stayed in Seoul with my friend Dev who recently moved to the city. The next morning, after SFW shenanigans, we went to Lotte Department Store and grabbed some Vietnamese food. It was delicious, PHO sho. Heh heh. I’m not PHOnny. K, I’ll stop.


Yes, another vlog! In the video below I attempt to be stylish, make a fool out of myself at a drag show, be annoying as can be, etc.

Finally, as you would have seen in the above vlog, I mentioned I will be running a 10k marathon in October. I’m super excited because I haven’t competed in a run since moving here to SoKo. The weather is getting nicer and I’m finally going to make use of the beautiful neighborhood track at Gudeok Stadium. It’ll be a summer filled with daily workouts, mountain sightings, and staying away from all of the visor-wearing ajummas because if I get in the way of their daily fast walks.. they’ll run me over.


I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and if you’re not, remember that ice cream (with a lot of caramel) cures all.



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