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Hello friends,

I can’t believe it’s the end of March! This month flew by! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated you on my life so grab a snack and let’s get right into it.

My new dentist and I are BFF’s, I’ve seen the man four times this month.

The first visit was meant to be a check up but, that turned into an immediate procedure because I had an infected cavity. I was drugged during the appointment, which made the journey home challenging, especially because I got on the wrong bus but felt too drowsy to get off and figure it out. At least the view at the end of the line was nice.

IMG_4285 (1)

I eventually made my way home three hours later, and if the day wasn’t long enough I stepped off of the bus, tripped, and smacked my face on the cement. I was still numb from my procedure so it didn’t hurt too much, but safe to say I stayed in for the rest of the night.

Second visit to the dentist was so my new BFF could make a mould for my aforementioned infected cavity. Third visit was to fill the cavity. Final visit was my regular check-up, which I’ve categorized into one of the top five most uncomfortable experiences of my life. You know how people hate the sound of nails on a chalkboard? For me it’s the sound of metal tools scrapping my teeth. I squirmed the entire time and the dentist had to keep telling me to stop moving.

Eventually I made it out alive, but barely.

I do have to go back in a couple months because he found another small hole on a tooth that he wants to fix in case it gets bigger. Oy vey. I explain more about it in the video below.

On a lighter note, March 8 was International Women’s Day. I wore a bad ass “Girl Power” t-shirt to work, which I found at a random boutique in Seomyeon. It’s now a new fav.

image1 (6)

Two weekends ago the weather was absolutely perfect. I went shopping in Nampo to find little trinkets to Spring-ify my apartment, and my favourite pick of the day was a Rosemary diffuser I found at Daiso. Every time I enter my room it smells like I’ve softly fallen into a pile of cherry blossom flowers, and I am into it.


Speaking of cherry blossoms, they’re starting to bloom!


Ohhh a second vlog! Lucky you! I hope you’re still enjoying your snack because you have MORE entertainment for your eyeballs as you watch my friends and I attend Holi Hai at Haeundae Beach, a colourful festival to celebrate the arrival of Spring. It’s also known as the festival where you give permission to strangers to throw paint in your face.

Also, I go to Costco for the first time in SoKo and bought ALL OF THE MUFFINS!

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