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Hello friends, how are ya today?

It’s exam time at school so students are studying and taking tests while I sit at my desk for the majority of the day, trying to think of Winter Camp activities. The theme for camp is: What Do You Want To Do? It will focus on exploring careers and highlighting their various interests. While planning camp I created a simple personality test for students to give them an idea of what career could best suit them. I decided to take the test myself and this was my result: INFJ.

Take a similar “Personality Test” by clicking HERE!


What is an INFJ? According to the test, I’m an advocate (I know right, like.. WHAT?!). A person who sets goals and capable of making a lasting positive impact. Other INFJ’s include Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela.

When I first saw the result, I felt entirely confused because I am no Mother Teresa. However, the more I read into it the more the personality trait made sense.

Strengths: Creative, insightful, determined, passionate.
Weaknesses: Sensitive, perfectionist, can burn out easily.

I dislike that sensitivity is a weakness but I am vulnerable to criticism so I get it but still.. BEING SENSITIVE CAN BE A GOOD THING! Right? Maybe not. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve bawled on my way home from work from my last job but you haven’t lived until you sniffle for an hour on a packed train filled with people who don’t know whether they should console or leave you alone. Ah, good times.

Anyway, I think about what I want to do as a career ALL THE DAMN TIME but I found a bit of clarity from the personality test. INFJ’s pursue careers where they can express themselves such as writing, design, and art. ALL THINGS THAT I LOVE! In my career I do want to be able to be insightful, to learn and grow, and somehow make a difference.

I have another year as a middle school teacher in South Korea, and then it will be time to delve into a long-term career back in Canada (or, elsewhere). What exactly will that career be? I’m open to options. As long as I can write, be creative, help others, travel, and work alongside supportive co-workers who enjoy sharing a good desk snack.

I would still LOVE to be an editor since that’s been the dream for YEARS or work for social enterprises such as Me to We or The Malala Fund as a writer, social media coordinator, producer, or work alongside a girl advocates program. All great options.


These are my thoughts for the day. I should get back to shoving handfuls of unsalted almonds in my mouth as I plan Winter Camp and other future endeavours. Maybe I’ll take a Buzzfeed quiz because, I’ve always wanted to know what kind of pizza slice I am.

Take the “What Kind Of Pizza Slice Are You” test by clicking HERE!

If you were wondering I got The Gigundo Slice“you have a huge appetite for adventure and are known to your friends as being the most ambitious. What crazy thing will you get into next, slice? Only you and your crust know for sure.”


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