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Sanitizer Insanity


I’m a sucker for cute packaging. If the product either has glitter, any shade of pink, a skull or a bow – I have to have it  (even if the product itself is horrendous). You can tell these hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works sucked me right in. How could I resist with the adorable size and colours, PLUS they smell exactly how they are labelled. Not sure sure if they properly sanitize my hands. I haven’t been sick this year yet (knock on wood), so I’m going to say the ingredient of “Tahitian Palm Milk” is the steller bacteria killer. These sanitizers come in hundreds of varieties and retail at about $1.75 each (or sometimes they have a special where you can get 5 for $5)!

Here are my top four favourite hand sanitizer scents!

1. Creamy Pumpkin: I was born in October, so I feel like I’m naturally attracted to love fall scents. Pumpkin is my all-time favourite smell (aside from vanilla and coconut), so I keep this with me on-the-go at all times.

2. Vanilla Cupcake: I actually want to lick my hands after I put this on, and (surprisingly) the smell of cupcakes lingers for a couple hours. Very impressive.

3. Paris Amour: My friend got me into this one. It’s not usually a scent I would pick up (it has a lot of girly, floral notes), but I tried it out and I LUUURVE it. It has the tiniest glitter pieces inside to make your hand subtly spark.

4. Warm Apple Cider: Again with my love of fall scents. I used to work on a farm that sold hot apple cider! When you walked in the market, the smell of fresh cider filled the air. I loved it. This scent brings back good memories and reminds me of home.

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